Abnormal Tuesday Lineup of College Hoops


College basketball is now in the forefront for obvious reasons in the handicapping world. The NFL and college football seasons have both concluded over two weeks ago. In one month seedings will be unleashed and March Madness brackets will be printed in masses.

We’re at the point where teams have just six to eight regular season games left. That’s three and a half weeks to finish the season. Conference play is now ramped up after teams had winter break and another extended break of six to seven days off.

From now until season’s completion teams typically will have a max of two to three days off in between games.

Tuesday’s increased schedule is a result of this. The MAC, ACC, Mountain West, and several other conferences have games today.

Get use to this over the next three and a half weeks. Be cautious on the increased games and be sure to look under today’s picks daily for value ATS.

Enjoy the games and stay tuned for more video and opinion blogs on action this weekend and going forward in the college basketball season.


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