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Wednesday, 19 November, 2014


Black Friday and Thanksgiving are just a week away. That means fantasy playoffs are ever-so-close. Prepare yourself for that last stretch by reviewing possible player adds following week eleven’s games.

Andy Dalton
People love to hate Dalton but he is still a young quarterback in this league. Other quarterbacks have struggled at stretches of season’s and not taken as much ridicule as Dalton. With AJ Green and him connecting at a high rate it automatically catapults Dalton to a second tier fantasy QB (12th-17th).

Jonas Gray
Gray’s outing on Sunday night football speaks for itself. Now fantasy owners have to play the bidding war with fellow league mates or hope they have the first waiver wire priority.

Jerrick McKinnon
There are plenty of fantasy leagues where owners anticipated AP coming back and dropped McKinnon in advance. That has backfired as AP has been suspended. This is a premium position to go ahead and grab McKinnon as he has been an advanced PPR running back and a consistent all-purpose yards back.

Isiah Cromwell
The Browns decision to cut Ben Tate cements the new load Cromwell has been receiving. Cromwell and West have paired to be a solid backfield. With the cloud of Tate gone, Cromwell can be a solid fantasy contributor the remainder of the season.

Stephfan Taylor
It’s clear that Andre Ellington has been playing at less than 100% all season. The speed he possessed last season just isn’t there, which is probably due to the foot injury he suffered in preseason. Taylor returned last week against the Lions in a limited role, but don’t be shocked to see his carries climb up to the levels we saw before his injury.

Kenny Britt
Britt may be a one week wonder but his past stats as a Titan make him a worthwhile boom/bust addition to team’s struggling at wide receiver. His big play came early and proved to be all the separation the Rams needed to defeat the Broncos.


Wednesday, 12 November, 2014

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Fantasy playoffs are just weeks away. Just because you may have clinched a playoff berth does not mean you can rest on your laurels. Managing a team for possible upgrades should never stop being a constant battle for you. Here are some additions after week ten’s on-field NFL performances that could help bolster your roster.

Joe Flacco
Chances are Flacco may be available in your fantasy leagues. If so and you feel that you’ll need a possible option in the coming weeks, grab Flacco now. He is one of the more hot/cold quarterbacks in football. I see his cold streak ending here shortly and Flacco rising back up in the fantasy quarterback rankings.

Terrence West
Cleveland hadn’t shown any fantasy football value at the running back position almost the entire season. That changed Thursday night as West stole the show. Owners that had West before are likely punching themselves right now for not having the patience to stick with him. Cincinnati’s pour run defense attributed to West’s great night, but his amount of carries are what should be intriguing to suitors.

Bryce Brown
Brown may have had one of the worst turnovers Sunday as he fumbled as he was getting close to Kansas City’s goal line. It started the turn around of misfortune for the Bills collapse in that game. Brown though did showcase some of the skills he had in Philadelphia a year ago. It’s a crowded backfield with Brown, Dixon, and Fred Jackson but one that should see each be a part of the game plan.

Damien Williams
Lamar Miller’s nagging injuries are obviously taking a toll on his reps. Williams has seen a rise in production and could continue to do so. Miller owner’s that have been depending on his fantasy production may want to protect themselves during this final stretch of the season.

Carlos Hyde
Hyde has already teased us a few times this season with fantasy touchdowns. At some point the 49ers are going to realize they need to dictate the offense running the football with Frank Gore and Hyde. That creates the comfort Kaepernick needs to sling the football down the field and move the offense secondarily via the pass. If they make this adjustment week in and week out than Hyde is worth picking up again.

CJ Anderson
Anderson was one of those backs people had an eye on well over a month ago when Montee Ball went down. Ronnie Hillman had shown that he would be the main back over the last month and Anderson showed very little upside. Suddenly a third down screen and awful poor tackling by the Raiders led to Anderson’s fantasy outbreak. Usually a guy that produces a breakout game on a Peyton Manning team continues to shine. Anderson should as well.

Jordan Matthews
Matthews makes a back to back entrance into the waiver wire pickup column. Surprisingly, he was not picked up as much as I thought he would during last week’s round of waiver wire acquisitions. There is no doubt after Monday night’s performance he will no longer be sitting unclaimed.


Wednesday, 5 November, 2014


Do you envy your league mates at the top that have already secured a fantasy playoff berth? You should. Fight through these last five to six fantasy weeks to try and earn yourself one of those last few playoff spots up for grabs. Here are some fantasy waiver wire additions that may be of aid to you.

Carson Palmer
Palmer continues to add higher value than he has over the last three to four seasons. The offense isn’t as potent as it was a year ago or under Bruce Arians in Indianapolis. They’ve simplified things to lessen the pressure on Palmer, which has benefited the team in the wins/loss column. There is always one or two plays a game where Palmer still lets the ball go deep down the field and has had success.

Adrian Peterson
Some owners were quick to already land AP a week ago when rumors were circulating on his current situation. Now that he has his off the field issues taken care of, it will be up to the commissioner to rule where to go from here. This is an odd issue for the league once again but more than likely AP will be on the field before the season concludes.

Toby Gerhart
It’s likely doubtful that Gerhart will regain the starting role over Denard Robinson, but Gerhart could have goal line fantasy value for Jacksonville. Storm Johnson filled in that role when Gerhart was out with injury and scored a couple of touchdowns. Gerhart was used lightly last week but he looked to have a burst for the first time this season.

Mike Evans
Boy oh boy, I profiled Evans last week as owners were pushing him to the waiver wire. It was a classic case of not waiting long enough to see heightened possible fantasy value. Rush to the wire now and bid, bid, away.

Taylor Gabriel
Gabriel’s value is one that could go one of two ways in a few weeks. With Josh Gordon returning the Browns will likely finally open up the offense downfield. That could open up even more opportunities for Gabriel, as the Browns have been one of the worst teams in football for fantasy value at wide receiver or running back this season.

Jordan Matthews
Matthews was the preseason hype fantasy draftee that quickly fizzled below the hype. Now with Mark Sanchez at quarterback owners can truly expect Matthews to have some sort of fantasy value. He may not register the type of numbers he did a week ago against Houston, but he offers great depth to sub out a non-performing fifth wide receiver currently on your team.


Wednesday, 29 October, 2014


Eight fantasy weeks are officially in the books. Owners sitting on the outskirts of playoff contention need to rev up their team’s for one last push. While fantasy owners looking behind them at team’s one or two game’s out need to extend their lead in the standings. This is a crucial stretch to get yourself in position. Lets take a look at some viable names that did well in week eight that can give you an added boost.

Teddy Bridgewater
Bridgewater is going to have his bumps and bruises for the rest of this season. While people are clamoring on adding Mike Vick, I’d rather grab Bridgewater. He has better talent on offense and his scrambling ability is not going to get him crushed. Add to the fact that he has super talented speedsters in Jerrick McKinnon and Patterson. Simple catches can turn into big gainers and inflate Bridgewater’s overall numbers.

Colt McCoy
McCoy proved myself and a lot of doubters wrong Monday night. It looks like it’s his team for the immediate future as RG3 looks to strengthen his ankle. I could easily see McCoy getting the next two to three weeks of starts as the Redskins halt rushing RG3 back too early.

Jonas Gray
I was not a believer in Patriots running back Bolden, and it looks like the Patriots staff wasn’t either. Jonas Gray had a stout performance against a shaky Bears team. The platoon system likely will relegate the amount of carries Gray gets on a week to week basis. But he is their number one threat currently carrying the football and Vereen the pass catching back.

Christine Michael
The Seahawks may not win the division title but they sure plan on being a wild card team. I don’t see their current plan of allowing Russ Wilson to scramble countless times working long term. Sooner or later they’ll need to bolster the amount of carries Lynch and Michael are receiving. If Michael can get 10-12 carries a game he should be a fantasy threat, especially with Lynch unhappy as a Seahawk.

Mike Evans
People are growing tired of Evans as they watch Sammy Watkins and Kelvin Benjamin light up opposing NFL defenses. What Watkins and Benjamin are doing aren’t the norm for rookies. Be patient with Evans as the Buccaneers as a whole are a mess. With nine games still remaining on the season, Evans should have a solid three to four games to offer for fantasy owners.

John Brown
It’s not often a third wide receiver gets solid fantasy value. With the injuries Arizona had at quarterback some leagues may have left Brown out of waiver consideration. Brown was thought to be better with Drew Stanton because of extra practice reps together. Brown’s proving that notion wrong by putting up strong performances with Carson Palmer. Brown has caught several game winning touchdowns in the fourth quarter this year, including last week’s against the Eagles and earlier against the 49ers.

Mychal Rivera
Oakland may not have a winning product on the football field but that is leading to some strong underrated fantasy value this season. Owners of wideouts James Jones and Andre Holmes have been happy with the output of production they have received. Rivera is the latest to string up some success. Add him as the Raiders being down to division opponents in the Chiefs, Broncos, Chargers, and rest of the NFL will continue.


Wednesday, 22 October, 2014


Carson Palmer

Carson’s played in two games now and appears to be healthy. I had big concerns over his lingering shoulder issue that caused him to miss a length of time. But treatments seem to have hi in order. The offense has not been as explosive as people would think. Yet, Palmer is putting up solid numbers without his costly interceptions. This offense should spike up as more momentum builds with Carson on the field

Tre Mason

Those that didn’t take the advice on scooping Mason up last week have found themselves in the mix of every other owner in league. Depending on your bid system you’ll certainly have to risk a heavy amount on Mason. St. Louis has done a fine job over the years on plugging in backs and Mason looks like the next in line.

Bryce Brown

I’m not a big fan of Brown’s but he does have a prime opportunity with CJ Spiller out for eight weeks and Fred Jackson out for at least a month with a groin injury. The Bills offense is not a wide open attack like the Eagles had for him last year. I believe he’ll struggle a bit and don’t be surprised if Anthony Dixon steals some of his thunder.

Bishop Sankey

There are some fantasy owners that drew impatient with Sankey’s lack of carries early on in the season. But at the midway point of the season now the Titans need to see what type of back they drafted in Sankey. His sixteen carries last week didn’t spark a fantasy outbreak but the high load should warrant solid attention.

DeNard Robinson
Robinson will be a classic one week wonder but I’ll profile him anyways for deeper leagues. Robinson ran up against a Cleveland Browns defense that had key injuries along it’s defensive line. Robinson took advantage of that but only carries the football in one primary way. Just like in college he can hit the hole in between the tackles. Defenses will catch up to this and see if he can run to the edge and show he is more than a north and south runner.

Doug Baldwin

It’s no shock that Baldwin is flourishing with Percy Harvin traded. Golden Tate was Russ Wilson’s other big target but he signed with Detroit. That left Baldwin to fill the primary role for Seattle and he should perform like he has in the past. The problem for owners that pick him up now is waiting for his next big game. They usually come one every three to four games.

Post Week Six Waiver Wire Pickups

Tuesday, 14 October, 2014


Injuries, injuries, and more injuries have riddled fantasy teams. If you can’t pull off a trade you’re in dire need to pluck away on the waiver wire to finalize an option. Here are some best pickups to grab before you’re waiver wire deadline.

Joseph Randle

Sure he is in the news for the wrong reasons today, but he was a catalyst for the Cowboys Sunday. His shoplifting incident will fade away and be an after thought in a few weeks. What won’t be is his role in the Cowboys offense. The Cowboys are running it well with Murray but will try to not wear Murray out fully by using Randle more.

Patriots RB’s

With Stevan Ridley likely out for the season the Patriots will truly have a running back by committee with James White and Bolden. I’m not sold on either but the opportunity for carries is one fantasy owners in need of help at running back can’t ignore.

Storm Johnson

He may not have had a great game in his first start for the Jaguars, but he will get plenty more opportunities. The Jaguars progression with a rookie tailback and rookie quarterback will take some time, but results indicate that rookies tend to excel around the same time as fantasy playoffs.

Tre Mason

On Monday night Mason looked to be the best option on the Rams offense against the 49ers. It was kind of surprising that they didn’t use the young tailback more as a threat to open up the offense more. In his limited carries he did well with forty yards on five carries.

Mohammed Sanu

Sanu was supposed to be the receiver that ran away with the wide receiver two position a few years ago. Setbacks with dropped balls caused him to get buried on the Bengals depth chart a bit. Now with AJ Green’s toe injury and Marvin Jones on IR, Sanu is forced into a starting spot.

Louis Murphy

Murphy is surprisingly becoming Mike Glennon’s favorite target at wide receiver. Shocking, considering the freak athletes and tall targets that Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans are. But one thing Murphy has going for him is his health. We can’t be exactly sure how healthy both Jackson or Evans are at this point.

Andre Holmes

Oakland has actually been a bit of a surprise for fantasy owners in the receiver department. James Jones has been a big catalyst for those that drafted him as their fourth or fifth fantasy wide receiver. Can Derek Carr and new head coach Tony Sporano keep things revved up for the Raiders offense? San Diego’s defense may not be the best indicator of future play for the Raiders. But Holmes numbers Sunday are too good to ignore.

Branden LaFell

Two weeks ago LaFell and the Patriots offense were left for dead. Buried by the media and fans across the globe based on one poor game against the Chiefs. Two games later and the Patriots have racked up 30 plus points and are a fantasy haven with multiple players once again.

Jace Amaro

The Jets had Vegas shaking a bit as it looked like the Jets would get the cover against the Broncos. In a span of a Geno Smith pick-six in the waning seconds, the Jets failed to beat the number. But there was a positive to the Jets play and it was led by a defense that harassed Peyton Manning and Jace Amaro having a big game with ten catches and a touchdown. Can Amaro’s stats transfer over to Mike Vick?