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Wednesday, 26 November, 2014


A lot can change in a week’s time in fantasy football. Announcements have been made for quarterback changes with the Jets and Redskins. How about over in New England where coveted back Jonas Gray has suddenly faded into obsolete once again. All due to him being late for practice.

Here are some names to focus on to bolster your fantasy football rosters. Have a great Thanksgiving with your families and good luck in week thirteen.

Colt McCoy
McCoy delivered one of the better performances from a backup quarterback this season against the Cowboys. There is no denying that the Redskins offense is fantasy friendly. Cousins and RG3 have had their moments even though they’ve played below average for the most part. McCoy will go in to this with the mindset he has nothing to lose. That could result in some key games from McCoy.

Mark Sanchez
In deep, deep leagues you may want to take a look at Sanchez. He is obviously turnover prone but has shown enough in three starts to warrant a fantasy backup quarterback position. He is keeping the offense fluid and crisp and has delivered solid yardage outputs in all three starts.

LaTavius Murray
Murray’s ceiling is limited but he had one of the best runs of the season and it was nationally televised. There will be owners that want to see what else he can offer going forward. Take your chance as the Raiders backfield is the oldest in football. They may look to Murray as a sign for the future.

LeGarrette Blount
Blount’s game against the Lions will likely be his best game of the season. He just can’t be counted on for close to 80 yards at this point in his career. But the value he has for touchdowns is exponential. A big back on a New England team that is scoring at a high rate.

Toby Gerhart
The Jaguars offense has been far from pretty but a bright spot has been the backfield. DeNard Robinson had a solid five week stretch for fantasy owners and Storm Johnson had a brief window of fantasy output as well. This was all caused by Gerhart struggling with injuries most of the season. He has been brought back and involved slowly but I did notice a regained burst in his limited carries against the Colts.

Daniel Herron
Herron did fumble once in his twelve carries against the Jaguars. But with Trent Richardson’s struggles and Bradshaw out, the Colts have no choice but to rely on Herron to keep the defense honest.

Miles Austin
With Josh Gordon back in the fold the Browns will be looking to get the football to their stud receiver. That means more three wide receiver sets to get the defensive secondary a bit off balance. Austin is a savvy veteran that may be a shell of himself but he is still capable of snaring the football.

Tim Wright
The August trade with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers finally showed signs of paying off in Sunday’s win over the Lions. Rob Gronkowski has ascended himself over the last month as being back in shape and a premier tight end once again. With focus shifting back on Gronkowski it is allowing the Patriots to open up the middle of the field like they use to with Aaron Hernandez.

Louis Murphy
Mike Evans may be gobbling up all the touchdowns but there have been plenty of balls heading Murphy’s way too. The offense is void of a rushing attack and therefore they are having to allow on their big play receivers. Murphy has been an underrated third wide receiver in the NFL in stints throughout the league.

Kenny Stills
Anytime you get eight catches in the Saints offense you’re an automatic waiver wire pickup. Stills had a few key games as a rookie when injuries plagued the Saints. Now with Brandin Cooks out he has a chance once again to thrive in one of the most pass heavy offenses in the league.