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News and Notes for Upcoming Week 4

Thursday, 27 September, 2007

There is a lot going on that fantasy players need to know before submitting their roster lineups. We’ll break down several high profile players that are in question and some players that will be red dot targets for their quarterbacks this week. Also our predictions for fantasy sleeper and stud of the week.

Out in Miami nothing has shined offensively in a major way until last week. Miami’s defense has been out of character and statistically one of the worst in the league. After, Jason Taylor ripped into himself last week, we expect him and the Dolphins defense to dominate this week. It doesn’t hurt that Daunte Culpepper may be starting. All Chris Chambers owners that have been impressed with his yardage are just waiting for his touchdowns to occur. In the past when he scores they have been in bunches.

It’s a big game this week between the Giants and Eagles. Brian Westbrook currently is the number one fantasy back, but may not play with his abdominal injury. He has not practiced all week (normal), but is saying he is pain with any movement. This game means a lot to both teams, as 1-3 is all but a ticket to a .500 season. Do not bank on Westbrook playing though, as the Eagles have a bye week occurring in week five. This is a situation where you’ll have to be watching pregame shows up to the minute to hear on Westbrook’s game time status.

If you watched last weeks Ravens and Cardinals game you saw a great comeback that was thwarted by a questionable personal foul blow to the head by safety Adrian Wilson. Besides Wilson being ticked off, offensively a receiver by the name of Larry Fitzgerald appeared to vent his frustration for a lack of balls his way. One time the camera was right on him as he headed to the sideline after Leinart missed him wide open. With Anquan Boldin not at 100 percent, Fitzgerald should finally get his deserved looks. We expect the Cardinals success against the Steelers to only come through the air, and Fitz will get it done.

The St. Louis rushing attack has made all fans that drafted Steven Jackson right after LT, or even before LT’s fantasy coffin season. With Jackson out you’d figure the Rams will abandon the rushing attack all together. That shouldn’t be the case if the Rams want any chance of staying away from 0-4. The Cowboys and Wade Phillips blitz very well and will either force Bulger into errant throws or crush him. Brian Leonard, in his first start is not that bad of a play. He’ll likely outscore any of Jackson’s first three week game fantasy stats.

Fantasy Sleeper Of The Week: Wide Receiver, Andre Davis
Boy oh boy do the Texans look dumb or smart? They paid a huge sum of money for Matt Schaub, who thus far is looking like a true quarterback prospect. What makes them look dumb is how they blamed their offensive line for David Carr’s problems for so many years. Schaub has been sacked five times in three games, which is about two times as less as any pace Carr would have been on. Carolina spent backup money on Carr and it looks like he might get his first start with Jake Delhomme not at full strength. All of this tells you to either scoop up on Tampa Bay’s defense for extra points, or start the Bucs defense if you already have them.

The potential penalization of the Falcons dealing with cornerback DeAngelo Hall is causing stirs around the league. What should be the attention of fantasy owners is who should shine in this case now. Steve Smith….STEVE SMITH…did more with his mind tricks then he did catching a ball against Hall (1 catch for ten yards). Andre Johnson is declared out again with his knee, and that brings Andre Davis to the forefront. The Texans have no trust and their running game and know to win they’ll need to throw it. That’s why we have Andre Davis as our sleeper of the week.

Prediction: Fantasy Stud Of The Week
Frank Gore
For Gore seeing the Seahawks is about as fun as seeing a 37.5 point underdog (Syracuse over Louisville) winning straight up. Gore has his best games against the Seahawks. Last year he had 356 yards rushing including a 200 yarder against Seattle. He’ll continue to own them by being the high scoring fantasy back of week 4.

Waiver Wire Post Week Three

Wednesday, 26 September, 2007

Take a gander at this weeks slim pickings. Scoop them up and add much needed depth to fulfill your void.


Kurt Warner
This time share idea could turn over to Warner’s job if he plays like he did against the Ravens. He absolutely performed to perfection against the Ravens top notch defense. If this team gets rolling and Leinart struggles like that again, Warner is going to be the main guy.

Kellen Clemens
Pennington may have threw for two touchdowns but not much else was shown. He only passed for 124 yards and is not showing the commanding abilities a quarterback needs to have. They did win, but with New York fans already rooting for Clemens it is just going to take a string of losses for the roar to get loud.

Brian Griese
The ex Pro Bowler is now the Bears starter. This sentence has been written with the Dolphins and Bucs. As long as he can get this offense to function on a non turnover level, who knows if he’ll start to excel again. Not worth picking up until he shows that quarter or half, that makes you think aw, maybe.

Running Backs

Earnest Graham
He scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter thanks to Cadillac Williams fumbling at the start of the quarter. Cadillac has a history of nagging injuries. Graham is already making a contribution but may have peaked this last week. If you have the spot, consider it.

Samkon Gado
Green is once again down. Last week the Texans were forced out of running the ball effectively by the Colts. It’s a stretch to think Gado can be a out of nowhere spark again, but it could happen. The running backs available on the waiver wire are thin, and Gado is on that list.

Reuben Droughns
The temporary goal line carrier scored two touchdowns last week. He is also an ex thousand yard rusher. No one knows how Brandon Jacobs will be when he returns. Jacobs is a big back and more susceptible to re injuring himself with all of that weight.

Aaron Stecker
Everyone expects the show to be all Bush’s now with McAllister done for the season. Not exactly. Bush has never carried the load even in college. Stecker will be worked in, just not on the same ratio scale as McAllister.

Wide Receivers

Roddy White
There is an actual receiver now worth picking up that is a Falcon. Shocking but true. White missed week one with an injury but has stepped it up in a big way weeks two and three.

Reggie Brown
People that have become numb dumb have lost their patience on Brown. He has been limited to nothing but he is coming off a great previous year. It did not happen out of luck. McNabb struggled the first few weeks and it just so happened that Kevin Curtis lit up the show in week three.

Bobby Engram
The old time vet is doing it again. With Shaun Alexander struggling a bit, the air attack is going to pick up. Hasselbeck is spreading the ball well and Deion Branch and Bobby Engram have become the main threats.

Dwayne Bowe
Though the Chiefs offense has struggled mightily, Bowe has been one shining offensive rookie. His confidence is gaining and you have to figure the Chiefs will get it together somewhat offensively. Larry Johnson has too much talent not to break out, and Herman Edwards is one of the best coaches in the league.

Spotlight: Steve Smith
He has started the season off slowly but is also buried behind Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer. Both are doing well as is Eli Manning. If this offense decides to spread the football out, Smith could be a viable option. Also, Burress is struggling with an ankle issue. If a starting role occurs Smith is a wonderful option to consider.

Week Three Wonders

Tuesday, 25 September, 2007

Explosive performances were the norm of week three. Big name receivers such as Randy Moss, Anquan Boldin, and TJ Houzmanzadeh kept the live scoring tracker of your leagues updated by the minute. Points just kept racking up on the running back side with the biggest fantasy weekend yet by one, with Ronnie Brown and Brian Westbrook having comparable days. Rushing for over 100 yards with two touchdowns, and also receiving for 100 yards with a reception touchdown. Westbrook left in the fourth quarter with an abdominal strain or he could have had an additional touchdown or to. Thus, Ronnie Brown squeezed out a higher total then Westbrook thanks to his statue of liberty two point conversion.

Nevertheless, Brown has been a dud for fantasy owners most of his career. His only reliable performances have came against the Jets. Is he a one week wonder or just starting to gel in Cam Cameron’s new offense?


Joey Harrington
It’s official any owner that was waiting for the Panthers defense to show something, had to have lit up seeing the Falcons facing them. Yet, Harrington ripped the defense a part and once again the Panthers defense put up a mere few fantasy points. Harrington looked too comfortable out there. This has happened once in awhile during his career and is not going to happen much with the Falcons.

Jon Kitna
Realization occurred this week, and sooner or later Kitna will to. Throwing for nearly 450 yards is an eye popping stat. At a lesser extent but should not be too far off is also his 46 attempts. Mike Martz’s past quarterbacks could not survive a full season in this type of offense (Warner, Bulger) and neither will Kitna. They’re throwing at a higher rate then Martz even did in St. Louis. Start selling Kitna high now and get what you can. A 35 year old veteran that does not know how to slide, has no running game, and airs it fifty times a game. The over/under on how many games he can last is set at six by Notjustagame.

Running Back

Adrian Peterson
His day is coming as an elite fantasy back, but a tease has been placed before owners eyes. Unless Chester Taylor’s injury lingers unexpectedly, then the time share that was supposed to happen will start back up again. Peterson will have his few solid games here and there, but not a string of games like the last three weeks. Especially last week after he fumbled and had that overturned by a challenge, and then fumbled without a review on the very next play. This is comparable to Cadillac Williams a few years ago before he came back down to earth with injuries and not as good of performances.

DeShaun Foster
He may get a feature sole role when he becomes a free agent, but clearly the Panthers want DeAngelo Williams to become that guy. The Panthers have tried far too long for Foster to get it done, and it just hasn’t worked out. He can spread out good performances but just isn’t dependable. Injuries have kept that from happening, and once injury prone, always injury prone.

Earnest Graham
His touchdowns had to of made Cadillac owners sick to their stomachs. Why Cadillac was not a part of those carries is easy to figure out. Graham’s carries suddenly happened right after Williams fumbled at the start of the fourth. Hold onto the ball Cadillac and those touchdowns will be yours.

Wide Receivers

Derrick Mason
He may have caught eight balls including a touchdown, but you can see the fast decline of Mason. He has been a steady healthy receiver that has caught a large amount of footballs, now though the torch is being past to the youngsters in Baltimore. Demetrious Williams has been emerging, and the stud of last year that stole Mason’s shine is back on the field, in, Mark Clayton.

Kevin Curtis
It was just his day…a career day. Curtis did all of his damage practically in one half. It had to do with a lot of things. McNabb was airing it out to prove to people he is still the real deal. The biggest factor though was the Lions secondary that seemed to be fine in covering Reggie Brown on the right side, but horrific with their left corner and safety.

Brandon Marshall
A year or two away from either sinking as a guy people thought would rise, or becoming that player. His size and speed was on showcase but for a few reasons we do not expect this to happen as much. The Broncos running game which had been their main focus was shut down to 47 yards. Even though the Broncos were dominated in the time of possession it forced Cutler to throw a little more. For Javon Walker to be held to ten yards receiving is incredible. Also, Brandon Stokely seems to be getting more involved with the offense.

Wide Receiver Rankings 9/20

Thursday, 20 September, 2007

The big time points have not been coming from the running backs. A few owners will throw that untrendy receiver selection in the midst of every running back being scooped of the board. Those that landed the big time receivers are likely off to a 2-0 start. Where do your receivers stack up in the NJG rankings?

1. Steve Smith
Smith is the new Cris Carter. All he does is score touchdowns.

2. Chad Johnson
Johnson is a special player that is a part of a potent offense. A year ago he was actually struggling to get the ball in the first half of the season.

3. Andre Johnson
There was no telling what he could do with a quarterback. Last years reception leader is showing how great he is.

4. Reggie Wayne
It took him awhile to become the stud he is now. He learned well from Marvin and now he is the best fantasy threat of a Colts receiver.

5. Randy Moss
He tricked everybody with his training camp hamstring injury. No, Moss is fine and playing with a good quarterback for the first time since Randall Cunningham.

6. Terrell Owens
Just waiting for the TO show off the field to start.

7. Marvin Harrison
No one can match his career numbers since 1996.

8. Javon Walker
Walker has come into this season ready to repeat the success of last year. He is a yardage king that should post a decent number of touchdowns.

9. Anquan Boldin
He is the toughest receiver in the league. He’ll make the tough catches over the middle and punish defenders. A definite plus receiver in points per reception leagues.

10. Torry Holt
It’s crazy to see him barely cracking the top ten. He hasn’t lost anything; he is just a part of an incredible field of wide receivers. There are no worries with Holt as your number one receiver.

11. Larry Fitzgerald
Once Matt Leinart is comfortable, Fitzgerald and Boldin will both be top in the top six or seven for fantasy wide receivers.
12. TJ Houshmandzadeh
Complementing Chad Johnson perfectly, and still posting numbers that make Chad Johnson’s owners jealous.

13. Roy Williams
Being a part of Mike Martz’s system means a lot of balls are going to be thrown. Williams should enjoy his best season yet, even with the spread offense of the Lions.

14. Plaxico Burress
The only thing clicking right now for the Giants is Manning to Burress.

15. Marques Colston
We all knew the fantasy season Colston had last year was a bit of a mirage. Still he is the focal point and will get his fair share of big games.

16. Joey Galloway
The year of age means nothing at wide receiver continues with Joey Galloway.

17. Lee Evans
Off to a horrid start, but JP Losman and Evans have a connection that occurs in bunches.

18. Donald Driver
Favre is throwing balls vintage 1996 style. Driver is right up there with Marvin Harrison for long term receivers that have been reliable.

19. Braylon Edwards
As long as the passing attack is there, Edwards is going to make a lot of people that drafted him late grin all season long.

20. Chris Chambers
His poor season last year caused a lot of grumblings on where to take him. Thus he slipped a few rounds later and thus far is giving owners quality yardage points.

21. Lavernues Coles
When Chad Pennington is quarterbacking the Jets, Coles numbers are extremely strong.

22. Hines Ward
He has definitely tailed off from a few years ago. The reason being that the Steelers don’t attack through the passing game like the receivers from one through twenty do.

23. Darrell Jackson
Jackson was supposed to be the big play receiver Alex Smith needed. Right now either both are not on the same page, or Jackson is being shut down.

24. Deion Branch
Seattle usually has a steady offense, but for whatever reason has struggled at times.

25. Jerricho Cotchery
He went from a waiver wire gem last year to emerging weekly. Cotchery had a magnificent game against the Ravens defense.

26. Bernard Berrian
For how horrible Rex Grossman has been, Berrian hasn’t completely fell off the fantasy map. If Grossman could show a glimmer of last years early 2006 self, than Berrian could be a huge gem.

27. Santana Moss
28. Calvin Johnson
29. Reggie Brown
30. Jerry Porter
31. Isaac Bruce
32. Santonio Holmes
33. Wes Welker
34. Joe Jurevicious
35. Shaun McDonald
36. Derrick Mason
37. Brandon Marshall
38. Mark Clayton
39. Amani Toomer
40. Devery Henderson
41. Antwaan Randle El
42. Marty Booker
43. Vincent Jackson
44. Dennis Northcutt
45. Mike Furrey
46. Bobby Wade
47. Ronald Curry
48. Joe Horn
49. Patrick Crayton
50. Roydell Williams
51. Greg Jennings
52. Dwayne Bowe
53. Arnaz Battle
54. DJ Hackett
55. Drew Carter

Oh No, Larry Johnson

Wednesday, 19 September, 2007

Larry Johnson is in fantasy news for all the wrong reasons. What has he done that could make his owners even more angry?

Larry Johnson’s season is currently off to a rocky start. His offense has had a hard time moving the football, and Johnson has suffered as a result. He has been averaging under 50 yards a game with zero touchdowns. A holdout could be the blame but most star running backs do not handle carries anyway in preseason.

What surfaced today on a hip hop website is an audio link of the aforementioned, Larry Johnson. This link is not about Larry Johnson complaining on his teammates or demanding more carries. It’s a hip hop hardcore rap song by him that seems to have been done a few months ago during his holdout. Who knows if a buddy of his leaked this or what, but it can not be good for Johnson.

In the song he takes a shot at Priest Holmes trying to come back, and says he is embarrassing himself. There is obviously not a friendship between the two, even though they’ve been Chiefs together for years. Dropping rhymes about guns and such does not seem to be a smart move. He also rhymes about getting money or he’ll never come back. Well he got his money and now that this is out, he may be giving some of it to Roger Goodell.

It’ll be interesting to see if anything happens at all from this. You be the judge and have a listen for yourself. Rapping didn’t work for Terrell Owens and shouldn’t be a priority for any other athlete.

Team Rankings 9/19

Wednesday, 19 September, 2007

Our bi-weekly column of team rankings is here. With brief analysis of each and every team, find out where your team is ranked at.

1. New England
They rebuilt to prevent what happened against the Colts from happening again. The clash will happen, it just remains to be seen which teams suffers the worst injuries. It can’t hurt to be two games ahead of everyone in your division already.

2. Indianapolis
Tennessee always plays them tough. A lot of wins in the regular season won’t mean a thing if they can’t win in the playoffs.

3. San Diego
Have faced their toughest part of their schedule and came out of it .500.

4. Chicago
Hard to see Rex Grossman leading them to the Super Bowl again.

5. Dallas Cowboys
Playing very well but may be the Bengals of the NFC. Not having a defense won’t get you too far.

6. Denver Broncos
Wins are wins.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers
Playing great on both sides of the football.

8. Baltimore Ravens
McNair is already down but the Ravens will be just fine.

9. New Orleans
Can the NFC preseason favorites actually be this poor?

10. Jacksonville Jaguars
Week ones defensive performance hopefully was a one time thing. Now the Jaguars just need to get the running game back in motion.

11. Seattle Seahawks
They suffered a hard loss, thanks to an exchange by their Pro Bowl quarterback and running back.

12. Cincinnati Bengals
The Browns haven’t had that much offense if you put a month of 2006 together. You just can’t follow a big win by a loss like this, and expect to be a playoff team.
13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jeff Garcia is doing what he does best. Lead teams.

14. Green Bay
The Packers must figure out their main option at running back.

15. San Francisco
Eking out two wins in improbable fashion may happen twice all year with a team. San Francisco has pulled it off two weeks in a row.

16. Houston Texans
They’ll be able to get to .500 and hover around this spot all year.

17. Detroit Lions
They’re off to a fast start but had the best schedule to start a season off with than any other team 2-0.

18. Tennessee Titans
Came close to pulling off another come back tight win. Tennessee just can’t separate themselves enough from the middle of the field in a tough AFC.

19. Minnesota Vikings
If it weren’t for their inexperienced quarterback the Vikings would be 2-0. They’ve got a great defense and the offensive line is doing a fine job as well. They may need to insert Bollinger or Kelly Holcomb.

20. New York Jets
Eric Mangini will have this team in line no matter what the Jets record is. That means they’re a dangerous team each week, and could go on a winning streak at any point.
21. Carolina Panthers
A brutal loss week two against the Texans may have just showed the true colors of the Panthers.

22. Washington Redskins
They faced a Dolphins team that will be towards the bottom of the league, and then a Philly team that just was off as a whole. They’re a growing team that may get away with being in the NFC. The Eagles and Giants though should creep right back on them.

23. Arizona Cardinals
New head coach Ken Whisenhunt definitely has changed the tune of the Cardinals. They had their luck of week one reversed to even their record to 2-0. Matt Leinart’s youth looks to be a year away from getting the Cardinals to a playoff caliber level.

24. Philadelphia Eagles
Get McNabb a receiver and things could look brighter. Their defense is still playing strong, and McNabb will work some tricks even at 80 percent.

25. St. Louis Rams
Scoring touchdowns is a problem, errrr.

26. Buffalo Bills
Had a tough start to their season against the Broncos and Steelers. Will those two losses roller coast a slide or help them gain some wins?

27. Oakland Raiders
If Jamarcus Russell is all he is hyped up to be, the Raiders may be a decent team a few years from now. Lamont Jordan is quietly becoming the leader for bounce back player of the year.

28. New York Giants
This team just wants a new head coach.

29. Miami Dolphins
This veteran defense can’t take it having to run onto the football field with quick three and outs and turnovers from the offense. If a running game doesn’t get established soon the defense will be burnt out by November.

30. Kansas City
Herman Edwards better be enjoying his contract money, because we’re positive he’d rather be coaching his old Jets team.

31. Cleveland
All teams get a key win in a year, Cleveland just got theirs early.

32. Atlanta
Leftwich has been on waivers for three weeks now. What does the signing of him now tell the rest of the NFL? How bad is it going to be to have to bench Joey Harrington, and tell him to come back out when Leftwich gets hurt?