Wide Receiver Rankings 9/20

The big time points have not been coming from the running backs. A few owners will throw that untrendy receiver selection in the midst of every running back being scooped of the board. Those that landed the big time receivers are likely off to a 2-0 start. Where do your receivers stack up in the NJG rankings?

1. Steve Smith
Smith is the new Cris Carter. All he does is score touchdowns.

2. Chad Johnson
Johnson is a special player that is a part of a potent offense. A year ago he was actually struggling to get the ball in the first half of the season.

3. Andre Johnson
There was no telling what he could do with a quarterback. Last years reception leader is showing how great he is.

4. Reggie Wayne
It took him awhile to become the stud he is now. He learned well from Marvin and now he is the best fantasy threat of a Colts receiver.

5. Randy Moss
He tricked everybody with his training camp hamstring injury. No, Moss is fine and playing with a good quarterback for the first time since Randall Cunningham.

6. Terrell Owens
Just waiting for the TO show off the field to start.

7. Marvin Harrison
No one can match his career numbers since 1996.

8. Javon Walker
Walker has come into this season ready to repeat the success of last year. He is a yardage king that should post a decent number of touchdowns.

9. Anquan Boldin
He is the toughest receiver in the league. He’ll make the tough catches over the middle and punish defenders. A definite plus receiver in points per reception leagues.

10. Torry Holt
It’s crazy to see him barely cracking the top ten. He hasn’t lost anything; he is just a part of an incredible field of wide receivers. There are no worries with Holt as your number one receiver.

11. Larry Fitzgerald
Once Matt Leinart is comfortable, Fitzgerald and Boldin will both be top in the top six or seven for fantasy wide receivers.
12. TJ Houshmandzadeh
Complementing Chad Johnson perfectly, and still posting numbers that make Chad Johnson’s owners jealous.

13. Roy Williams
Being a part of Mike Martz’s system means a lot of balls are going to be thrown. Williams should enjoy his best season yet, even with the spread offense of the Lions.

14. Plaxico Burress
The only thing clicking right now for the Giants is Manning to Burress.

15. Marques Colston
We all knew the fantasy season Colston had last year was a bit of a mirage. Still he is the focal point and will get his fair share of big games.

16. Joey Galloway
The year of age means nothing at wide receiver continues with Joey Galloway.

17. Lee Evans
Off to a horrid start, but JP Losman and Evans have a connection that occurs in bunches.

18. Donald Driver
Favre is throwing balls vintage 1996 style. Driver is right up there with Marvin Harrison for long term receivers that have been reliable.

19. Braylon Edwards
As long as the passing attack is there, Edwards is going to make a lot of people that drafted him late grin all season long.

20. Chris Chambers
His poor season last year caused a lot of grumblings on where to take him. Thus he slipped a few rounds later and thus far is giving owners quality yardage points.

21. Lavernues Coles
When Chad Pennington is quarterbacking the Jets, Coles numbers are extremely strong.

22. Hines Ward
He has definitely tailed off from a few years ago. The reason being that the Steelers don’t attack through the passing game like the receivers from one through twenty do.

23. Darrell Jackson
Jackson was supposed to be the big play receiver Alex Smith needed. Right now either both are not on the same page, or Jackson is being shut down.

24. Deion Branch
Seattle usually has a steady offense, but for whatever reason has struggled at times.

25. Jerricho Cotchery
He went from a waiver wire gem last year to emerging weekly. Cotchery had a magnificent game against the Ravens defense.

26. Bernard Berrian
For how horrible Rex Grossman has been, Berrian hasn’t completely fell off the fantasy map. If Grossman could show a glimmer of last years early 2006 self, than Berrian could be a huge gem.

27. Santana Moss
28. Calvin Johnson
29. Reggie Brown
30. Jerry Porter
31. Isaac Bruce
32. Santonio Holmes
33. Wes Welker
34. Joe Jurevicious
35. Shaun McDonald
36. Derrick Mason
37. Brandon Marshall
38. Mark Clayton
39. Amani Toomer
40. Devery Henderson
41. Antwaan Randle El
42. Marty Booker
43. Vincent Jackson
44. Dennis Northcutt
45. Mike Furrey
46. Bobby Wade
47. Ronald Curry
48. Joe Horn
49. Patrick Crayton
50. Roydell Williams
51. Greg Jennings
52. Dwayne Bowe
53. Arnaz Battle
54. DJ Hackett
55. Drew Carter