Waiver Wire Post Week Three

Take a gander at this weeks slim pickings. Scoop them up and add much needed depth to fulfill your void.


Kurt Warner
This time share idea could turn over to Warner’s job if he plays like he did against the Ravens. He absolutely performed to perfection against the Ravens top notch defense. If this team gets rolling and Leinart struggles like that again, Warner is going to be the main guy.

Kellen Clemens
Pennington may have threw for two touchdowns but not much else was shown. He only passed for 124 yards and is not showing the commanding abilities a quarterback needs to have. They did win, but with New York fans already rooting for Clemens it is just going to take a string of losses for the roar to get loud.

Brian Griese
The ex Pro Bowler is now the Bears starter. This sentence has been written with the Dolphins and Bucs. As long as he can get this offense to function on a non turnover level, who knows if he’ll start to excel again. Not worth picking up until he shows that quarter or half, that makes you think aw, maybe.

Running Backs

Earnest Graham
He scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter thanks to Cadillac Williams fumbling at the start of the quarter. Cadillac has a history of nagging injuries. Graham is already making a contribution but may have peaked this last week. If you have the spot, consider it.

Samkon Gado
Green is once again down. Last week the Texans were forced out of running the ball effectively by the Colts. It’s a stretch to think Gado can be a out of nowhere spark again, but it could happen. The running backs available on the waiver wire are thin, and Gado is on that list.

Reuben Droughns
The temporary goal line carrier scored two touchdowns last week. He is also an ex thousand yard rusher. No one knows how Brandon Jacobs will be when he returns. Jacobs is a big back and more susceptible to re injuring himself with all of that weight.

Aaron Stecker
Everyone expects the show to be all Bush’s now with McAllister done for the season. Not exactly. Bush has never carried the load even in college. Stecker will be worked in, just not on the same ratio scale as McAllister.

Wide Receivers

Roddy White
There is an actual receiver now worth picking up that is a Falcon. Shocking but true. White missed week one with an injury but has stepped it up in a big way weeks two and three.

Reggie Brown
People that have become numb dumb have lost their patience on Brown. He has been limited to nothing but he is coming off a great previous year. It did not happen out of luck. McNabb struggled the first few weeks and it just so happened that Kevin Curtis lit up the show in week three.

Bobby Engram
The old time vet is doing it again. With Shaun Alexander struggling a bit, the air attack is going to pick up. Hasselbeck is spreading the ball well and Deion Branch and Bobby Engram have become the main threats.

Dwayne Bowe
Though the Chiefs offense has struggled mightily, Bowe has been one shining offensive rookie. His confidence is gaining and you have to figure the Chiefs will get it together somewhat offensively. Larry Johnson has too much talent not to break out, and Herman Edwards is one of the best coaches in the league.

Spotlight: Steve Smith
He has started the season off slowly but is also buried behind Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer. Both are doing well as is Eli Manning. If this offense decides to spread the football out, Smith could be a viable option. Also, Burress is struggling with an ankle issue. If a starting role occurs Smith is a wonderful option to consider.