News and Notes for Upcoming Week 4

There is a lot going on that fantasy players need to know before submitting their roster lineups. We’ll break down several high profile players that are in question and some players that will be red dot targets for their quarterbacks this week. Also our predictions for fantasy sleeper and stud of the week.

Out in Miami nothing has shined offensively in a major way until last week. Miami’s defense has been out of character and statistically one of the worst in the league. After, Jason Taylor ripped into himself last week, we expect him and the Dolphins defense to dominate this week. It doesn’t hurt that Daunte Culpepper may be starting. All Chris Chambers owners that have been impressed with his yardage are just waiting for his touchdowns to occur. In the past when he scores they have been in bunches.

It’s a big game this week between the Giants and Eagles. Brian Westbrook currently is the number one fantasy back, but may not play with his abdominal injury. He has not practiced all week (normal), but is saying he is pain with any movement. This game means a lot to both teams, as 1-3 is all but a ticket to a .500 season. Do not bank on Westbrook playing though, as the Eagles have a bye week occurring in week five. This is a situation where you’ll have to be watching pregame shows up to the minute to hear on Westbrook’s game time status.

If you watched last weeks Ravens and Cardinals game you saw a great comeback that was thwarted by a questionable personal foul blow to the head by safety Adrian Wilson. Besides Wilson being ticked off, offensively a receiver by the name of Larry Fitzgerald appeared to vent his frustration for a lack of balls his way. One time the camera was right on him as he headed to the sideline after Leinart missed him wide open. With Anquan Boldin not at 100 percent, Fitzgerald should finally get his deserved looks. We expect the Cardinals success against the Steelers to only come through the air, and Fitz will get it done.

The St. Louis rushing attack has made all fans that drafted Steven Jackson right after LT, or even before LT’s fantasy coffin season. With Jackson out you’d figure the Rams will abandon the rushing attack all together. That shouldn’t be the case if the Rams want any chance of staying away from 0-4. The Cowboys and Wade Phillips blitz very well and will either force Bulger into errant throws or crush him. Brian Leonard, in his first start is not that bad of a play. He’ll likely outscore any of Jackson’s first three week game fantasy stats.

Fantasy Sleeper Of The Week: Wide Receiver, Andre Davis
Boy oh boy do the Texans look dumb or smart? They paid a huge sum of money for Matt Schaub, who thus far is looking like a true quarterback prospect. What makes them look dumb is how they blamed their offensive line for David Carr’s problems for so many years. Schaub has been sacked five times in three games, which is about two times as less as any pace Carr would have been on. Carolina spent backup money on Carr and it looks like he might get his first start with Jake Delhomme not at full strength. All of this tells you to either scoop up on Tampa Bay’s defense for extra points, or start the Bucs defense if you already have them.

The potential penalization of the Falcons dealing with cornerback DeAngelo Hall is causing stirs around the league. What should be the attention of fantasy owners is who should shine in this case now. Steve Smith….STEVE SMITH…did more with his mind tricks then he did catching a ball against Hall (1 catch for ten yards). Andre Johnson is declared out again with his knee, and that brings Andre Davis to the forefront. The Texans have no trust and their running game and know to win they’ll need to throw it. That’s why we have Andre Davis as our sleeper of the week.

Prediction: Fantasy Stud Of The Week
Frank Gore
For Gore seeing the Seahawks is about as fun as seeing a 37.5 point underdog (Syracuse over Louisville) winning straight up. Gore has his best games against the Seahawks. Last year he had 356 yards rushing including a 200 yarder against Seattle. He’ll continue to own them by being the high scoring fantasy back of week 4.