Waiver Wire Post Week Four

If you’re hurting in the running back position this week offers some friendly choices to consider adding to your fantasy rosters. The receiver scoop ups are thin, but not as thin as at quarterback. The top five quarterbacks have been dominant over the second and third tier drafted quarterbacks. If you’re struggling bad at the quarterback position it may be time to wheel and deal one of your running backs or receivers.


Jake Plummer
Could the snake actually end up on a roster before the trading deadline? Keep your ears open to any rumors. One team that could use him is the Bears. All the Bucs did to get Plummer was give up a 7th round pick. If Plummer wants to play there should be a few teams that could throw away a 6th rounder.

Joey Harrington
This is two solid games in a row for Harrington. His latest was an actual victory for his team. He has already proved one thing that Vick was unable to do, which is getting his receivers involved. Both Roddy White and Michael Jenkins are suddenly potential fantasy receivers worth having on your team.

Daunte Culpepper
All the Raiders had to do is run the football with the Dolphins missing Zach Thomas. It was a great story for Culpepper but did not take away his stats. He only passed for 75 yards on 12 pass attempts. How Culpepper scored 5 TD’s is amazing. He ran for three and threw for two and actually had 28 yards rushing. The Raiders were reluctant to throw the football, and until Culpepper shows any type of passing skills again he is not worth the time on anyone’s fantasy team.

Running Backs

Ron Dayne
Dayne’s going to be involved in the Texans rushing attack almost by default. Ahman Green has been slow in his return from injury and that has left Dayne as the primary runner. He had a nice 25 yard run against the Falcons, but other than that struggled horribly. He is a back that will get carries though, and should get a few short yardage touchdowns.

Justin Fargas
The Dolphins defense made Fargas the hottest jump of any player. Virtually no one had Fargas on their rosters a week ago. Now with Lamont Jordan’s back injury and Dominic Rhodes just set to return from suspension, Fargas has the chance to be the main guy. This week is the Raiders bye week, so it’ll be interesting to hear how Jordan is healing from his back injury.

Mike Pittman
Last week we told everyone to scoop up Earnest Graham because of Cadillac’s injury prone history. His injury was unfortunate and we wish the best for Cadillac. For the Buccaneers they need to keep moving. They’re a 3-1 team and will now rely on Graham and Pittman to share the load. Pittman has higher value just because he is a great pass catcher out of the backfield.

Correll Buckhalter
There seems to be whispers that the Eagles are not discussing all the details surrounding Westbrook’s abdominal injury. Rumors are swirling that he could have a slight tear. Hopefully not as McNabb and the Eagles offense can not function without Westbrook. Buckhalter did a decent job with 100 yards rushing against the Giants. If Westbrook ends up being out a chunk of points can be gained with Buckhalter, but not nearly as much as Westbrook’s totals.

Sammy Morris
Even through the first three weeks of the season, it looked like the Patriots were running the ball better when Morris had the carries. His performance Monday night can’t be taken as a dazzling performance. He was playing against a Bengals team that had only three healthy linebackers. What is not going to go away is the fact that the Patriots usually have Morris over Maroney in short yard goal line situations.

Wide Receivers

Michael Jenkins
Is it true, two touchdowns from a Falcons receiver? Has that ever happened under Mike Vick? Running the football well is something the Falcons can not do without Vick, and that has forced the Falcons to adjust their play calling. For the past two weeks that’s meant a lot of short routes to gain small chunks of yardage. Harrington has shown to be comfortable in this new change, and it is showing by the week.

Mushin Muhammed
Before Griese’s fourth quarter meltdown he was having a decent game. Bernard Berrian had nearly 100 yards and Mushin Muhammed 50 with a touchdown. Due to the lack of a ground game, the Bears are going to have to get use to involving these two receivers. Berrian was drafted in every league but is not necessarily Griese’s number one target as he was with Grossman.