Team Rankings Post Week Four

1. New England
They’re annihilating teams one after another. A challenge does not seem to be in their near future. What’s even crazier is that Donte Stallworth is just now getting into the offense, after struggling to get acclimated because of training camp injuries.

2. Indianapolis Colts
Both their studs in Marvin Harrison and Joseph Addai had to leave their victory early against the Broncos. Ironically Harrison took the clipping in his back by his own teammate, Joseph Addai.

3. Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys hit it correctly by inserting Romo. He’s the real deal and in a weak NFC looks poised to carry this team to the Super Bowl.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers
When the Steelers were without Troy Polamalu the Steelers defense could not contain the Cardinals offense.

5. Seattle Seahawks
They’re playing this well with a banged up Shaun Alexander and DJ Hackett. This team just stays consistent and will be a threat against the Cowboys in the playoffs, just like last season.

6. Tennessee Titans
Their beat down at New Orleans and Vince Young’s command is going to be awfully tough for teams to match.

7. Green Bay Packers
Favre and the Packers look marvelous but when will defensive coordinators figure out a correct strategy in shutting Favre down? He will make mistakes but somehow is avoiding them. If the Packers can’t figure out a running game then sooner than later a bad streak of games will come.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The pairing of Jeff Garcia and Jon Gruden is eerily similar to the vet slinger Rich Gannon. Garcia is just getting the job done and enough credit can not be said to their defense. If the Bucs could land Tiki Barber, they would be the strongest contender in the NFC.

9. San Diego
After all of their losses no one would want to play them when a playoff berth comes alive in December. The best thing for San Diego is to take a look at the rest of the AFC currently. Besides the Colts and Patriots the rest of the AFC is bunched up at the .500 mark. Meaning the Chargers are a game out of all of these teams. They’ll be okay and get things rolling starting this week.

10. Detroit Lions
Mike Martz already has my vote for coach of the year.

11. Baltimore Ravens
12. Jacksonville Jaguars
13. Chicago Bears
14. Arizona Cardinals
15. Washington Redskins
16. Cincinnati Bengals
17. New York Giants
18. Denver Broncos
19. San Francisco
20. Cleveland Browns
21. Carolina Panthers
22. Oakland Raiders
23. Kansas City Chiefs
24. Philadelphia Eagles
25. Houston Texans
26. New Orleans
27. New York Jets
28. Atlanta Falcons
29. Buffalo Bills
30. Minnesota Vikings
31. Miami Dolphins
32. St. Louis Rams