Waiver Wire Post Week Five

It’s not a good week to be looking for a waiver wire pickup, but here we go.


Jason Campbell
There is probably a 25-30 percent chance Campbell may be available in your league. He can be a guy to backup a strong number one fantasy quarterback. Washington has one of the best one two tandems in the league in rushing the football, so Campbell’s week five numbers are a bit high.

Kurt Warner
He has the starting role for the next six weeks, which could be bad. After Kurt Warner came back in the game following Leinart’s injury his numbers dropped quickly. When he has to move the team in a normal matter it seems that his rust shows. The Cardinals may have to run the hurry up offense often to keep Kurt in a rhythm.

Brody Croyle
This entire offense is in bad shape. Croyle will get a chance to give it a spark. The best thing going for Croyle is Tony Gonzalez and the emerging Dwayne Bowe.

David Carr
The starting job is his in Carolina, and he managed to get the Panthers a close win over the Saints. He is new to this team and must have been dying for this chance this season. With Schaub doing so well, Carr will have a lot to prove as a former number one castoff.

Cleo Lemon
He has always had killer stats in preseason for Miami, which has led him to staying on the Dolphins roster and moving up the ranks. He performed decently in the loss to the Texans, but will need to step up his accuracy.

Running Backs

Kenton Keith
I guess the Colts running backs have become comparable to Denver’s system. Each back just comes in and produces. Keith carried the load at 28 times and looked fantastic. Addai will be week to week, so Keith could get you a little boost if you’re lacking at running back.

Selvin Young
Just keep a watch on Travis Henry’s appeal. His lawyers are working hard on avoiding a suspension this season. That’ll be hard to do with Roger Goodell in the way. Young has had some decent gains in limited duty, and will become the feature back if Henry is indeed suspended.

Corey Dillon
Nobody has yet to sign him but you might think Tampa Bay will. Dillon didn’t want to retire but has not had many seekers. No rumors have really begun but Tampa is trying to work a deal for somebody with Michael Pittman and Cadillac out.

Najeh Davenport
Willie Parker isn’t scoring touchdowns as he was last year. The split year of that happening was in 05’s Jerome Bettis’s touchdowns, and it seems that the Steelers will give that role fully to Davenport now. Do not think Davenport will be a one week wonder and wait for a dual score game again before scooping him up.

Wide Receivers

Donte Stallworth
Some owners grew too impatient with Stallworth and cut him a few weeks ago. With Wes Welker posting solid stats and Randy Moss’s spectacular stats, Stallworth was non existent. Now he is starting to get involved and should balance out Welker’s and Moss’s stats the rest of the way.

Nate Burelson
Maybe he can earn some of the money the Seahawks signed him for in a seven year 49 million contract. Deion Branch is out three weeks and DJ Hackett is slowly returning from one. It’ll be Burelson’s time to earn Holmgren’s respect back along with Bobby Engram.

Anthony Gonzalez
The Colts do not want to rush Marvin Harrison back. With Gonzalez and Manning orchestrating well it seems that even when Harrison comes back, Gonzalez will see some sort of old Brandon Stokely type role.