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Boldin Gets Cheated

Saturday, 31 January, 2004

By Zack Cimini

Anytime there are fans involved in voting nothing goes according to plan. Once again that was proved right as Domanick Davis won the Pepsi award for rookie of the year. Even Davis was shocked when his name was called.

Don?t get me wrong Davis had a phenomenal season. He finally took some of the pressure off of David Carr, even though Carr had a banged up season. But Davis had a stretch of four incredible weeks of 100 yard games with a weak offensive line. He ended up finishing with just over 1,000 yards rushing and almost 400 receiving yards in fourteen games. As a rookie he definitely exceeded expectations and probably was one of the best fantasy football sleepers with eight touchdowns. Davis also took the focus on how bad the Texans pick up of Stacey Mack was. Mack was supposed to be the Texans bull dozer runner and barely had 250 yards rushing.

Hands down though, Boldin?s season was ten times better than Davis. He finished with almost 1400 yards receiving and 8 touchdowns. At least Boldin wasn?t cheated on getting to the Pro Bowl and winning the AP Offensive Player of the Year. It?s not like a football player wants to have an unlimited supply of Pepsi to drink anyways.

Smith and Shipp For Another Year

Friday, 30 January, 2004

By Zack Cimini

Emmitt Smith has now made it public that he will return with the Cardinals next year. In his first year with the Cardinals everything didn?t go according to plan. In his starts with the Cardinals he rarely touched the ball because the Cardinals were always down. Than he injured his shoulder, and Marcell Shipp showcased his skills.

Obviously last year Dave McGinnis didn?t have a lot of plays put in for Smith. Dennis Green is a different coach though, and was glad to hear that Smith will be back next season.

It was shocking last season to see the Cardinals throw the football 40 times a game with the offensive line that they have. Dennis Green is a smart coach and he?ll use the strengths of his team. Expect the Cardinals to play a ball control style of football like the Carolina Panthers and Baltimore Ravens. If they run the football down teams throats they?ll be able to stay close in games. A lot of times last year it was the offensive team?s turnovers that cost them the game, and not the defense.

McNabb-Manning Similar All Around

Thursday, 15 January, 2004

By Zack Cimini

Unlike the college championship the NFL will have a deciding champion. Both quarterbacks in Manning and McNabb can?t win even though they deserve it. If you look at their careers so far they have very similar characteristics. One thing stands in their way and that is this weekend?s conference championships.

With Peyton manning you have a quarterback that has played extremely well since his rookie season. He endured ridicule for his inability to lead his team to a playoff victory, but that is an after thought nowadays. He has also put to rest his tendency to throw costly interceptions. The way he was playing was too erratic sort of the way Brett Favre plays every game.

Part of the reason why he was forcing throws was because of the lack of defensive support. The defense was always giving up big plays and Manning had to try to keep up on the field. Then Tony Dungy was brought in and a whole transformation occurred in Peyton Manning?s style. No longer does he try to score on every drive or force the football. He lets the game come to him and the Colts have thrived off of big plays from both their defense and offense. In this weekends game against the Patriots it won?t be easy, but the Colts have extra motivation. They are trying to knock a team off that defeated them at home this year and show the country that they have knocked the monkey off their backs completely. There is nothing like accomplishing what they?ve done and then falling short.

For Donovan McNabb he can only sit back and laugh on this season. Just a few weeks into it all the fans that had supported him throughout his career were calling him to be benched. Sure he struggled early on, but a season is 16 games not two. All it took was a few comments by Rush Limbaugh, a healthy McNabb, and wa-la the Eagles won nine out of ten games. All he has done is earned another Pro Bowl, set a playoff record for rushing yards by a quarterback, and taken a team to the NFC championship for the third time in his short career.

The NFL is all about timing and both of these quarterbacks have clocked in. Through out it all though a loss this weekend by either team could send each home for a long off-season. But if they should match up in the Super Bowl it should be one of the best in NFL history. Neither quarterback likes too lose and they have shown that this season. All you have to do is ask any Tampa Bay player (Manning) or any Packer player (McNabb) to figure that out.

News on Notjustagame

Thursday, 15 January, 2004

By Zack Cimini

Notjustagame will continue to cover football during the off-season and get your ready for next year. Expect more features, daily updates, and a site transformation over the next few months. Remember fantasy football is notjustagame if you have the right resources.

Down To Four

Tuesday, 13 January, 2004

By Zack Cimini

It has finally came down to four teams to decide on who will be the 2004 Super Bowl Champions. Both AFC and NFC championships should be great and followed by a great game in the Super Bowl.

Out of the four teams, the New England Patriots have the most experience in big games. They won the Super Bowl a few years ago and have been on a roll this season. They?ll be facing a talented Colts team that has caught on fire since losing to Denver in the regular season. Both of these teams faced each other earlier in the year and the Patriots came out on top at Indianapolis. Even though they aren?t in the same division, there is still a huge history because they both use to be in the AFC East, before the realignment.

For the NFC title game there are two teams that no one expected to be there. Philadelphia started off the season horribly and turned it around when people were counting them out. Carolina has played well all season but has not got the respect that they?ve deserved. Unlike the AFC championship game this one will be a defensive battle.

With the NFL being so close in talent it just goes to show just how valuable players are. Peyton Manning and Donovan McNabb were Co-MVP?s and look at where their teams are at. If they end up facing off in the Super Bowl, I guess we?ll find out who the true MVP is.