Down To Four

By Zack Cimini

It has finally came down to four teams to decide on who will be the 2004 Super Bowl Champions. Both AFC and NFC championships should be great and followed by a great game in the Super Bowl.

Out of the four teams, the New England Patriots have the most experience in big games. They won the Super Bowl a few years ago and have been on a roll this season. They?ll be facing a talented Colts team that has caught on fire since losing to Denver in the regular season. Both of these teams faced each other earlier in the year and the Patriots came out on top at Indianapolis. Even though they aren?t in the same division, there is still a huge history because they both use to be in the AFC East, before the realignment.

For the NFC title game there are two teams that no one expected to be there. Philadelphia started off the season horribly and turned it around when people were counting them out. Carolina has played well all season but has not got the respect that they?ve deserved. Unlike the AFC championship game this one will be a defensive battle.

With the NFL being so close in talent it just goes to show just how valuable players are. Peyton Manning and Donovan McNabb were Co-MVP?s and look at where their teams are at. If they end up facing off in the Super Bowl, I guess we?ll find out who the true MVP is.


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