Will McGahee Surpass Last Years Numbers?


An obvious standout from Denver’s success last season could be attributed to the defense. While the offense struggled to produce points, the defense kept the game close each and every week.

Tim Tebow produced heroics would of never been if not for the defense. The way Tebow performed last minute was like a shot clock winding down in the NBA, he did it when least expected. Denver decided to move forward from last years weekly cinderella showcase, and try and advance with future hall of fame quarterback, Peyton Manning.

Instantly fantasy owners are reveling at the fact of a healthy Peyton Manning. John Elway and the Denver Broncos fans are as well. There is no denying the accuracy and knowledge that Manning has behind center. He reads defenses better than any quarterback in the NFL at the line of scrimmage. His audibling is an innate ability that few quarterbacks can do with such high frequency.

Expecting Manning to comeback and shine like his glory days in Indianapolis is unrealistic. He has not thrown a meaningful throw in the NFL since the Colts playoff loss to the New York Jets in January of 2011. It has been a roller coaster experience just for Manning to get full clearance to return to where he is at now.

Owners and the football world know though that the Broncos passing offense will produce more results than a year ago. The Tebow offense was catered to limitations and that led to an offset of designed runs, and heavy carries for Willis McGahee.

Just because Manning will add to the offense does not lessen McGahee’s value. McGahee seems like he has been in the NFL forever. Everyone remembers his blownout knee while in college at Miami. Many did not expect him to recover in the way he did. Quietly in the NFL, McGahee has been very consistent. With Buffalo and several years in Baltimore.

When signed by the Denver Broncos he figured to be at his last pitstop before fading out of the NFL, like what happens to most veterans. Instead the Tebow factor probably helped boost his career. Denver needed to run the football and did so with McGahee, Moreno and Lance Ball. When Moreno went down, McGahee became the focal point for the Broncos running game, and shined like a number one fantasy back.

Will this year be differentfor McGahee? At age 30 you are not supposed to have strong seasons. Do not discount McGahee for the reason alone. Throughout his career he is one of few backs that did not get overworked on a yearly basis.

The duel backfield that fantasy owners started to dread a few years ago, has been apart of McGahee’s entire career. The most carries he ever had was his second year in Buffalo at 325. His carries have never been alarming, so his legs are still fresh to handle a solid workload, even at age 30.

With an added dimension of passin to the Broncos offense that should open thins up even more for McGahee. He hits the hole hard and has solid vision to gain extra yards even after contact. Knowshown Moreno is coming off his knee injury so he will not be a threat this season to have a major impact. Rookie Ronnie Hillman will likely be the back to gain some carries in Denver’s offense.

That will not hurt McGahee. He will be the red zone back, and get 65-70% of Denver’s rushing touchdowns this season. He was eight yards away last year of having a career high in rushing yards. Fantasy owners were likely frustrated with the fact he only reached paydirt four times last season.

You can say his touchodwns were “Tebowized”.

He likely would of had at least double his touchdowns or near ten if it was not for Tebow’s eleven rushing touchdowns. McGahee is devalued right now in fantasy drafts going as a low number two fantasy back. For those that draft a quarterback and wide receiver high, and believe they may be in trouble with McGahee as their second back should not fret. Double digit touchdowns should be an easily achievable number for McGahee and a back to back 1,000 yard season.


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