Cleveland’s up and down roller coaster season was expected record wise. Where it wasn’t expected was with backcourt teammates Dion Waiters and Kyrie Irving. Both should just be entering the NBA as Waiters left Syracuse two years early, and Irving three. Maturity definitely did not show throughout the season. The two struggled to co-exist and rumors ran rampant of a locker room fight between the two.

After their alleged scuffle rumors swirled on potential trades for either. The negative feedback from Cavaliers fans and the media seemed to have an impact on both. Down the stretch in the months of March and April both elevated their play. Not from an individual standpoint, but as a team.

They started winning unexpected games and confidence seemed to grow for both and the team.

Now it seems that Irving may stay in Cleveland and sign a long term contract. Dion Waiters still has a year left on his deal, and a team option for the next season. In all likelihood the Cavs will make a decision before the season on Waiters.

Teams all across the NBA are always in need of a scorer and Waiters fits that mold. Similar to JR Smith, Waiters has the same baggage from a team player standpoint. Smith has bounced around but has never relinquished his skills as a scorer.

I do not expect Waiters to be sent to the Las Vegas summer league like he has the past two years.

Certain players command the inner-circle of the front office and personnel decisions. If Irving resigns with Cleveland he will have that leverage.

Ultimately I believe the organization will see how the two co-exist in preseason training camp. If the two get along, Waiters will likely stay in Cleveland and be resigned.

If not then the Cavs will wait until before the trading deadline and get whatever they can for Waiters before the team option kicks in.

Lets hope that both can walk away from their on-court egos and realize the two can be as dynamic a guard tandem as there is in the NBA.


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