Week Two: You've Got To Be Kidding Me

Browsing ten televisions at once and watching player after player have career days was something special. For owners that drafted LT, Drew Brees, and a few other high profiled players, you just wanted to throw up. This week was truly a magnificent fantasy football week. Owners that didn’t get over 100 points, something went terribly wrong with players you started below.

Glancing at games and stats you had to of been jumping out of your seat or saying to your buddies, You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me. First and foremost, everyone would like to thank the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns defense. A great performance that brought tears of joy to owners of almost ten different players.


Derek Anderson
Nothing to take away from Derek Anderson, but can he match these stats overall in his next three starts combined? You talk about a wonder week. This was the ultimate. At least the Browns have something working and too build forward with. They may not light up the scoreboard or have an offensive display like this in the next twenty years. Having a solid young team with players such as Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow is enough to raise fantasy owners interests.

Josh McCown
Maybe you shouldn’t have started. What should have happened was him being yanked. How that didn’t happen is stupefying. This has happened to the Raiders defense before, and has to change. They did to good of a job to have that little of support from the quarterback position. No one expected McCown to put up crazy numbers but that performance was ugly.

Donovan McNabb
It’s sad to see this day from McNabb. He has performed so well for a long time. The days when he could carry a team on his sole shoulders with poor receivers is gone. He needs some receivers and Philly doesn’t have them. Brian Westbrook is the only threat on this team. A good one but if has to be overworked injuries occur frequently. If McNabb has the hold the fort without Westbrook, McNabb might as well decide to bench himself.

Rex Grossman
How dare he make the pathetic throws he does. Whatever trail Grossman went down towards the second half of last season he has gone further on that road. Heading back to the early games of last year does not seem a possibility ever again. It’s almost getting so bad that the Bears would have to think about bringing in Kyle Orton. At least Orton didn’t throw games away. The Bears had to get an interception in the end zone and block a field goal to keep this game from getting too close.

Alex Smith
Where did his preseason performances go? He has been a non factor thus far and after week two he has no excuse. Hopefully this adjustment is just an early rust phase. If winning ugly has never been seen before the eyes two weeks in a row, it has now.

Running Backs

Number one pick in every draft and he is being shut down. Good for the owners that were able to face him the past two weeks, and bad for the rest of the season for all other opponents.

Jamal Lewis
Where did this come from? Lewis has been nonexistent for quite some time. No, he doesn’t creep back on the fantasy radar with a good stretch of games. He blasts in your face with a 200 yard day.

Reggie Bush
Looking like another player that should have been drafted a few rounds later. Everything in New Orleans is on a slide that should get back in gear. Sean Payton will figure things out, and it starts with getting Deuce more carries.

Maurice Jones-Drew
The tease of touchdowns galore last season is losing the battle on repeating his success. Jacksonville is under new offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter’s system, and they’re obviously struggling to adjust under it as a whole. If this lingers much more, Koetter may end up being the shortest tenure of a coordinator.

Wide Receivers

It was the week of receivers but one made the list.

Lee Evans
As long as Losman doesn’t want to throw the ball, then Lee Evans will continue to suffer. The big play threat of last year has had few balls his way. The lone ball that was almost a clinching touchdown against the Broncos in week one, was over thrown. It’s frustrating but Evans and Losman have a knack for connecting in bunches. Lets hope it’s soon.