Week Two Waiver Wire

The field to find some waiver wire pickups on a scale of 1 to 10, is about a 1.5 or 2. Very slim pickings, but who couldn’t use an addition or two over some busts? Here are some players that can entertain your waiver wire bids of this week.


Derek Anderson
He’ll be on every list this week. One week wonder, future bust, whatever the article is called. What you can’t take away from him is the fact that he outdid Carson Palmer and the Bengals offense. The Bengals thought they could blitz the crap out of the Browns like they did on MNF against the Ravens. Except the Browns adjusted in a quarter of time and ripped them apart the rest of the game. Anderson showed he can make quick reads and deliver the football from a shotgun formation. Picking up Anderson should only be a thought if you happened to draft Alex Smith or JP Losman as your starting quarterback.

Trent Green
How long can his arm hold up? He has been throwing the ball a lot and taking a beating for it as well. Miami thought they had their offensive line problems figured out. Guess that is not true. Things could get ugly in Miami, but to keep them even close in games, Green will be throwing it over 30 times a game. The yards and a few touchdowns will be there, but so could four interceptions like last week.

Brooks Bollinger
The Vikings have too talented of a defense to lose games like they did last week. Bollinger came in the overtime period and fumbled a snap that cost the Vikings the game. Maybe he should have practiced a few snaps on the sideline during the OT coin toss. Tarvaris Jackson put on a horrific show that will not go on much longer. Bollinger is next in line, and Kelly Holcomb is right there as well.

Running Backs

Deshawn Wynn
The Packers may have a time share with Wynn and Jackson, but it seems like they found their favorite red zone goal line threat. Wynn got the carries that mean the most to fantasy owners, and that resulted in two touchdowns. Unless Brandon Jackson starts separating himself by posting a crazy yards per carry average, this will keep up.

Selvin Young
Mike Shanahan just always has to use some sort of undrafted rookie in his formula scheme of running backs. Travis Henry has been having great games, but little by little Young is showing signs as well. You never know what could happen with a star back that carries the load like Henry. Any owner that hasn’t handcuffed Henry with Young better do so quickly.

Wide Receivers

Dennis Northcutt
He has passed up Matt Jones and Reggie Williams as the Jaguars number one receiver on the depth chart. Additionally, offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter loves to utilize the deep threat. Even though the Jaguars offense has sputtered thus far, sooner or later they’ll get things going. When they do, Northcutt will be the likely beneficiary.

Joe Jurevicious
Yes he is still around. Jurevicious was part of the offensive show of the Browns vs. Bengals, Sunday. He has a solid track record at times, but injuries and being a part of the Browns terrible offense held him down the past few seasons. Things are looking up and with his size and speed, Jurevicious could help you in the touchdown department.

Brandon Stokely
As the third receiver Stokely has shown before he can be a fantasy worthy starter. That was with the Colts, but he is showing that again with the Broncos. Jay Cutler is doing a good job in spreading the football around to Walker, Marshall, and Stokely. The key here is to leave Stokely on your bench in wait and see how his role excels or declines as the season goes on.

Marty Booker
Hey, the Dolphins receivers are getting fantasy points all across the board. Chris Chambers has had two solid weeks, and Booker got a touchdown and decent receiving numbers week two. All of this of course has everything to do with Miami’s pathetic running game. Ronnie Brown isn’t getting any help from his offensive line. Before you know it, Green has 40 pass attempts. On top of that Miami’s defense looks to be too old, a few years earlier than expected. They’ll be airing it out, and Booker is a sure handed receiver that could actually start for a fantasy team.

Roydell Williams
He had a key drop against the Colts, but dropped balls don’t count as negative points for fantasy owners. Vince Young isn’t throwing for a lot of yards but Williams seems to be his top target. That could be a good or bad thing, but you have to figure Young’s passing yards can’t stay this low.