Quarterback Rankings 9/19

So you waited too long and didn’t snatch a Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or Carson Palmer. Shame on you. Ron Jaworksi told us all repeatedly who the top three quarterbacks in the league are, and you didn’t follow suit. Those players haven’t slipped on our quarterback rankings, but your fantasy starting quarterback has.

1. Peyton Manning
He’ll hold this spot for the next six years.

2. Carson Palmer
This offense is looking a lot like the best show on turf years ago. The similarity doesn’t end on the defensive side either, where the Bengals look like they’re going to have to score a lot to win.

3. Tom Brady
Effortless in the way he is running the Patriots offense. Now that he has talented receivers the best is ahead for him. His interceptions might end up being a career low this season.

4. Marc Bulger
The Rams haven’t let go of Mike Martz’s old ways just yet. Bulger shook off a down week one to torch the 49ers secondary. Isaac Bruce even came back to life. What will be nice is more touchdowns from their offense.

5. Drew Brees
No one knows the root cause of the Saints early struggles, but we do know that Brees is a part of it. For whatever reason this team is just not clicking. Brees has been a Pro Bowler on two different teams, so there are no worries here.

6. Eli Manning
Tiki lit the right fire for Manning. The Giants may be 0-2 but the demonstrations of Manning’s first two games have been fantastic. We’ll he keep it rolling or will he go through his predictable slumps?

7. Tony Romo
The Cowboys started the year playing two below par secondaries, and Romo has proven that even more. His quarterback rating is near 120 and he has thrown for multiple touchdown passes each game.

8. Matt Schaub
Schaub has probably faced the toughest of defenses of any two games yet for a quarterback. In those contests he has stayed away from mistakes, and found a friend quicker than a new kid arriving at school. Schaub hopes Johnson isn’t out too long, and so do fantasy owners.

9. Donovan McNabb
Under scrutiny McNabb has bounced back countless times. This time we are not as sure, but he has more to do with McNabb’s team than him. Sure, McNabb missed fired on a few balls, but no receiver could get open consistently.

10. Vince Young
Young is sort of like an iffy fantasy starting quarterback. Certainly, no one would start him based on his passing statistics. The only reason he cracks the top ten is because of his legs. He is almost guaranteed to get you around five rushing points, and possibly an extra six with a rushing touchdown.

11. Jon Kitna
His Lions are 2-0, and Kitna has this offense running smoothly. He has been hitting all of his targets in Roy Williams, Shaun McDonald, Calvin Johnson, and Mike Furrey. One thing that is scary though is he is dropping back way too much. He threw 33 pass attempts against the Vikings even though he left the game in the second quarter and didn’t come back until the overtime period. Kevin Jones coming back should change things up a bit.

12. Brett Favre
His throws are crisp with accurate zip. Favre seems so comfortable out there that talks of him retiring aren’t even being brought up. He looks like he can play another two solid seasons.

13. Jeff Garcia
Jon Gruden couldn’t have expected any more than what he is getting from Garcia. He is making some great reads and might be able to get this team a divisional title with the rest of the teams in the division looking shaky.

14. Matt Hasselbeck
He’ll move up a few spots if he can deliver more touchdowns.

15. Philip Rivers
The struggles he should have experienced a year ago didn’t happen because of LT’s tremendous year. Defensive coordinators finally clicked and figured out Rivers weaknesses. He doesn’t handle the blitz very well, and has poor receivers. Rivers has to make a read and let it go, or the Chargers could be in for a disappointing year.

16. Jay Cutler
He has been able to make the quick reads and has leaned on the great running game of the Broncos to open up the pass.

17. Jake Delhomme
We don’t want to imagine how Delhomme would be without Steve Smith.

18. Ben Roethlisberger
He wowed fantasy owners week one with his three touchdown passes. Nothing has changed in Pittsburgh though. This teams first option is too run the ball.

19. Matt Leinart
Put on a nice show against the Seahawks. Now he just needs to keep that up.

20. Jason Campbell
A year from now he’ll be fantasy ready.

The rest

21. Trent Green
22. David Garrad
23. Derek Anderson
24. JP Losman
25. Steve McNair
26. Chad Pennington
27. Alex Smith
28. Byron Leftwich
29. Josh McCown
30. Damon Huard
31. Rex Grossman
32. Tarvaris Jackson