Post Week One Waiver Wire

Fantasy owners have to be alarmed as the week one big shots busted. We all know not to over react but starting off 0-2 in a tough fantasy league can not happen. In order to protect that from happening, the waiver wire must be utilized. Even if you’re not going to insert these guys in your starting lineups, they’ll provide some function ability and stability for your team.


Josh McCown
His injury is questionable as the Raiders won’t release specific details on it. McCown had a great statistical week against the Lions but seemed to settle with the short passing game too much. That led to a costly interception when the Raiders had regained a lead at 21-20. Dropping back 40 times is something that shouldn’t happen regularly, but it’s a bonus to look forward to for fantasy owners.

Daunte Culpepper
With Josh McCown likely out due to injury, Culpepper gets his month or so to shine. The pressure is on him though, but he has also been waiting a long time for this. This is his window to show that he can be a starting quarterback for another team next season. With Jamarcus Russell just being signed this could be a two month showcase for Culpepper.

Kellon Clemens
It’s unfortunate to see Pennington ‘s injury woes, and Jets fans should be ashamed of their applause last week. Clemens will get the chance several backups have had for the Jets when Pennington has went down. Since, Pennington still remains the starter obviously backups have not fared well.

Running Backs

Chris Brown
Really no need to write this. Brown had an incredible week against the Jaguars defense and has the Titans looking like geniuses for letting Travis Henry go. This has been a story before from Brown and then he fades away to injury. Expect the Titans to keep the share load at a solid enough level to keep Chris Brown healthy. With that in mind if you have the bench spots add Lendale White.

Kenton Keith
Addai is only going to get around twenty carries a week. The Colts realize they can not over work Addai and will utilize Keith as they did Dominic Rhodes last season. Keith only had five carries week one but expect that to get to around eight or nine a week. Especially if the Colts roll over teams like they should.

Michael Pittman
His role has decreased significantly over the past few years, but he still lies in the wings of Cadillac Williams. Cadillac left last weeks game against the Seahawks with an injury and the Buccaneers other backup Earnest Graham had a costly fumble shortly after. Pittman is the veteran that can stay healthy and can rush and pass catch which is what Jeff Garcia loves out of his running backs.

Derrick Ward
With Jacobs knee injury Ward is just a desperate fill in if you absolutely need a running back. He did a good job but that was against a no defense allowed game. The Giants also have Reuben Droughns who is a previous 1,000 yard rusher.

Lawrence Vickers
The Browns running game may be non existent but they’re going to keep running the ball. Jamal Lewis got off to a shaky start and Vickers was the one who go the Browns lone score. Vickers is more of a keep your eye on guy, as the Browns will not be patient with Jamal Lewis. They’ve ran through more running backs over the last four years then Denver has.

Wide Receiver

Brandon Marshall
Marshall looked comfortable in the second receiver spot opposite Javon Walker. He is a tall big play receiver, that made a heck of a catch in the end zone for the Broncos only touchdown. Rod Smith’s role if he plays will be limited so snatch up Marshall while you can.

Shaun McDonald
McDonald followed up his stellar preseason with a great regular season debut. The Martz transfer from St. Louis knows the system and is going to stay involved with the Lions spread attack. If Furrey, Johnson, or Williams go down, McDonald could be an even deeper sleeper.

Antwaan Randle El
He has surpassed Brandon Lloyd officially on the depth chart. Something that he wasn’t able to do last year, as neither was able to be consistent. Randle El maybe just teased us with his week one performance. Scoop him up just for his big play abilities.

Patrick Crayton
He had a quiet week one as all the pass completions from Romo went to Jason Witten or Terrell Owens. With Terry Glenn’s time table of injury in the air, Crayton will figure to have some big games ahead of him.

Samie Parker
Showed enough week one to think that he may finally be able to outdo Eddie Kennison. Parker has been around for a few seasons and it looks like Parker and rookie Bowe should emerge as the youth receivers of this team.