New Deadly Combo

A change for the better has finally began to take place in Buffalo. They may have let two solid running backs walk from the team. Having let Willis McGahee and Travis Henry go could have been questionable, but the Bills feel that Marshawn Lynch can grow with the youth of this Bills team. Lee Evans has been making big plays during his short young career. Now that it seems that JP Losman has turned it on and matured the two have built a budding scary connection on the field. Changes have been many for this team offensively over the last five years. Finally, they’re going to be building forward this season on.

From a fantasy standpoint, Lee Evans already proved what he is capable of doing in 2006. He is an unquestionable number one fantasy wide receiver, yet is still slighted by fantasy owners. The days of surpassing receivers that have been a top the fantasy charts is coming. Move over Mr. Harrison and Holt, as Lee Evans may be the top receiver this year in the AFC. Reason being is that he is the Bills only main receiver target, as opposed to the majority of other teams that have even great strength at the second receiver spot.

Why are fantasy owners ignoring the facts and letting Evans slip? It’s foolish to not nab Evans by the third or early part of the fourth round. Especially if you’re an owner that stock piles early on running backs and misses out on the top five or six receivers. The Bills offense might not have the effectiveness of what has become the norm at the running back position. Marshawn Lynch will go through his rookie struggles but worries of his preseason struggles should not be alarming. If anything the balanced proportion of pass over run will just grow more in the passing department. Evans numbers of nearly 1300 yards and 8 touchdowns are surely not going to decline.

Last year when JP Losman starting coming along towards the second half of the season, a soaring link occurred. The Bills became more competitive, winning five games and losing three tight ones. Two by a point and another by three. This translated into Evans having plenty of monster games and scoring six touchdowns during the second half of the year.

Look out for both in your final drafts this upcoming week or so. Evans should start going more around his worth due to his preseason, but quarterbacks are under valued. Losman should be taken as a sure fantasy backup and may over take your starter if you do not snatch a top eight quarterback. The Bills should be exciting this year and be in a good spot for the future. With Chad Pennington struggling and Trent Green trying to adapt in Miami, the division could be a good spot for the Bills to have a good chance at going 4-2, or even 5-1 in it if they can steal one from the Patriots.