Week Two NFL Picks


By Zack Cimini


Week one could have been a bit better against the spread but we will take 9-6-1. After all the goal is to be around 55-60%. Lets see how we fare for week two.

Last weeks Record: 9-6-1

KC +1.5- Time to find out if week one was a mirage or sign for a team turning the corner

Green Bay -13- No way Buffalo can come remotely close to matching the Packers offense

Baltimore -2- Ravens struggled last year versus Cincy. It’s a new year though.

Tennessee -5 – Dennis Dixon will have to show an exponential improvement in his ability to throw the ball for Pittsburgh to cover this.

Philadelphia -6 – Will see if the team is behind Vick by the way the defense, special teams, and offense supports him on the field.

Dallas -7.5- McNabb did one thing Jay Cutler can never do last week and that’s protect the football

Tampa Bay +3.5- We’ll take the half point on this one, which should be a tight field goal winning game.

Atlanta -6.5- It’s a tough road for teams that lose a Hall of Fame quarterback. Arizona is learning that in one off-season and one regular season game thus far.

Miami +5.5- Miami’s defense should keep them hanging around in this one. Chad Henne will have to show his growth in a tough road environment.

Oakland -3.5- Campbell’s bounce back game

Denver -3.5- The true Seattle team will be awoken this weekend.

Houston -3- Houston is for real. McNabb and the Washington offense will not be able to score six points and walk away with a win.

San Diego -7- A bad performance here and the Norv Turner not lasting through midseason begins

New England -3- Will take the matchup of the quarterbacks and give the obvious edge to Brady.

NY Giants +5.5- A little too much points on the Colts side for our liking.

New Orleans -5- Mike Singletary tried to deliver a resounding message by calling a mandatory meeting. When the product on the field doesn’t meet expectations there’s nothing you can do about it. Alex Smith is not going to be a division winning quarterback…period.


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