Week Three Fantasy Quarterback Rankings

By Zack Cimini

Quarterbacks were supposed to be behind to start the year. That hasn’t been the case, as even rookie quarterback have made the jump look relatively easy. With defenses shuffling to get to the sideline for oxygen masks, it’s clear which units are behind to start the year. Match ups this weekend look even more intriguing then the first few weeks. This is a very deep week for quarterbacks, as I could seeing the top twenty having very solid fantasy games.

1. Tom Brady
Teams still can’t figure out how to press up on the Patriots receivers and halt the quick hot route throw. The Patriots have come in as an offensive machine. Relentless as a play concludes to run their hurry up offense. As teams get in shape, will see if Brady is still able to continue to exploit defenses at a incredible high rate. With Aaron Hernandez sidelined for an extended time, he’ll have to find another target to step up.

2. Philip Rivers
He has not even came close to his caliber of play the first two weeks. This will be the perfect match up to get Rivers ignited.

3. Aaron Rodgers
The few times Rodgers has struggled it has come against the Bears. He needs to get over that lackluster regularity versus the Bears. The way he has started this year, lackluster may not be in his vocabulary for a full sixteen games. He is throwing balls in tight spots like an old quarterback challenge drill.

4. Drew Brees
It’ll be interesting to see if Brees can maneuver and throw over the edge rushers of the Texans. They’ll be attacking to try and prevent Brees from seeing the field clearly. At the end of the day though, even when Brees looks like he is having a rough game, he manages to pile up stats.

5. Tony Romo
NFL fans favorite guy to pat on the back after week two. How fast the media can change the perception of fans. Romo did gut out a crucial come from behind win. He has played this way for awhile now. It’s getting the whole team on the same page, and limiting critical mistakes that Romo needs to address. Leadership is rising to all his teammates after last week.

6. Mike Vick (If He Plays)
Chances are he will sit this game, but the Eagles will draw it out all week. The Giants are one of the best teams at attacking Mike Vick, and to sit on the side of caution the Eagles should sit him.

7. Cam Newton
First he shredded the Cardinals defense, then he tore apart a Dom Capers defense. Dom Capers who has been one of the masterminds of defensive schemes over the last ten years. Cam is the real deal, and is excelling much further then anyone could have imagined. A match up against the Jaguars should bolster his value even more.

8. Matt Schaub
Kevin Walters should be returning soon. Houston has shifted from a team that loved to get into shootouts, to more of a possession type team that eats away the clock. That may cause Schaub to rest around the eight to twelve range for most of the season.

9. Ryan Fitzpatrick
A waiver wire/backup dandy that gets a starting nod this week. New England is going to give up yards through the air, there is no doubt about that. Even though Fitzpatrick has limited weapons, he’ll find a way to have a third consecutive highly rated game.

10. Matt Stafford
This team is playing with a passion of confidence. All the years of working towards this state, has this team sensing the accomplishment. Matt Stafford is loaded with weapons and is ready to challenge the Packers.

11. Sam Bradford

12. Ben Roethlisberger

13. Matt Ryan

14. Mark Sanchez

15. Josh Freeman

16. Kevin Kolb

17. Rex Grossman

18. Matt Hasselbeck

19. Jay Cutler

20. Chad Henne

21. Joe Flacco

22. Eli Manning

23. Jason Campbell

24. Kyle Orton

25. Donovan McNabb

26. Andy Dalton

27. Mike Kafka (If he starts over Vick)

28. Matt Cassel

29. Colt McCoy

30. Kerry Collins

31. Alex Smith

32. Tavaris Jackson

33. Luke McCown


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