Week Six Automatics/Don’t Do Its

Week Six Automatics/Don’t Do Its



Jay Cutler
A couple of weeks ago Drew Brees got revenge for his 2010 dismal performance against the Cardinals with a blowout win. Now, Jay Cutler gets his chance tonight. In 2010, he was sacked NINE times in one half and couldn’t make it back on the field for the second half. Cutler can put his foot on the gas in this one in a game against the winless Giants.

CJ Spiller
The game is coming where Spiller unleashes and has the breakout game fantasy owners have been waiting for. It may come this week for the reason that the Bills will have to strip away a bulk of their pass plays. Some teams have had success against the Bengals rushing the football; including the Packers with Jonathan Franklin.

Steve Smith
Smith had a disastrous game last week against Arizona. The type of game that would lead you to believe maybe he can’t cut it as a wide receiver number one. Smith will respond this week against a poor Vikings secondary and dispel that notion.
Others: Josh Gordon, Justin Blackmon, Pierre Thomas, and RGIII

Don’t Do It

Willis Mcgahee
McGahee has had a heavy workload since being signed right off the streets. And it hasn’t led to stellar stats. He is averaging less than four yards a carry and seems to be taking a beating in the process. Detroit is not the type of team to run the football against if you don’t possess some slash to your style of running.

Larry Fitzgerald
I haven’t seen any change in the Cardinals offense that would lead me to believe starting Fitz would be wise. The team has typically started seasons off strong by relying on their defense. Right around week six is when the big dip occurs as the defense starts breaking down. Offensively, Bruce Arians needs to set up some big pass plays that were supposed to be included in the Cardinals offense.

Philip Rivers
I like how Rivers has stormed back to be fantasy relevant after two declining years. His new coordinators and coach have played the big role in that. Indianapolis just isn’t a good matchup for Philip. Indianapolis should be able to get out to an early lead, which will lead to Rivers pressing. Sit him this week and find another option.

Others: Eli Manning, Hakeem Nicks, Russ Wilson, Reggie Bush and Matt Schaub


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