Week Nine NFL Spread Picks

By Zack Cimini


Talk about a week with Sunday Vegas action going up and down. Games looked well intact and then evaporated in the fourth quarter. Still we went 7-7 and have kept our winning ways moving forward. The worst week we’ve had was 6-7-1. All this season we’ve primarily favored underdogs on our slate more than favorites. This week though were bending that trend just a tad. We like the favorites in seven of the twelve games. Take a look at who we have penned.

Overall Record: 63-52-3

Last Week’s Record: 7-7

Buffalo +3- They’ve been so close to capturing that first victory. They’re due and the way Jay Cutler’s playing it won’t have to come down to overtime.

San Diego -2.5- Houston’s hitting their typical downward slide. Andre Johnson’s ankle isn’t 100 percent, and San Diego’s revved up to get back in the playoff picture.

New Orleans -6.5- No matter what the Panthers tried last Sunday against the Rams, nothing could be mustered offensively. The Panthers typically give the Saints a tough matchup, but not this time.

Arizona +9.5- This line is way out of control. Steve Breaston and Early Doucet will free up Larry Fitzgerald and get open against the Vikings horrible pass defense. Minnesota’s struggled to get just two wins versus Dallas and Detroit. They’ll get their third but not in a rout.

Atlanta -8.5- Vegas isn’t fooled by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Their 5-2 but could easily be well below .500. They’ve been fortunate in fourth quarters, but will be exposed early by the Falcons.

Detroit -+4- Last year when Mark Sanchez struggled he never bounced back well. We anticipate that being the case again. People want to hype him up as a second year veteran. Not so fast.

Miami +5- The last time these two played the Dolphins were bounced out of the playoffs at home. Dolphins players still remember that and will be out to seek a little redemption. They’re hanging around in every game. This is the test if they’re real or not.

New England -4.5- A shockingly mid level line here. Vegas has learned after giving the Browns a galore of points versus the Saints and Ravens. This is the time it should of hovered at 7 or 8.

NY Giants -6.5- Time to get off Seattle’s band wagon. Matt Hasselbeck is going to free fall the rest of the year and may not even play this weekend. It’ll be Charlie Whitehurst time within three to four weeks.

Oakland -2- The Raiders are turning into one of the most opportunistic teams in the league. They’re making plays in all phases of the game. Now that they’re winning the team is starting to believe.

Philadelphia -3- Probably the toughest game to call this week. Vick gets the start but which Vick will we see? He toyed with us all in minimal starts earlier this year. We think the Eagles as a whole believe in Vick and respond better overall with him on the field.

Green Bay -8.5- When a team gives up it’s evident. The Cowboys have, and need a new regime to uplift the saddest year from a franchise in a long time.

Cincinnati +4.5- This is the AFC North rivalry that stays competitive no matter what. Cedric Benson has went the entire year dragging his feet. Watch him break off a 100 yard game and provide balance to Palmer’s 300 yard game.



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