Week Four: Automatic/Don’t Do It




By Zack Cimini



September is just about in the books. Lets look at week four’s automatic starts and players to not even think of putting in your fantasy lineups.


Start: Donovan McNabb


Minnesota isn’t loaded at wide receiver, but the team is improving by the week. Their tough schedule early on will now become much easier. It isn’t like they haven’t been in their games. They’ve just not been able to play four complete quarters. The key to success is the way the Vikings have been the past few weeks. Armed and ready to hand the ball to AP. There are going to be some weeks that AP elevates McNabb’s passing stats, and this week will be one of them.


Sit: Matt Hasselbeck


The woes are well known for the Titans. Their offense was efficient by being heavily dependant on the pass over the run. Chris Johnson has not been able to get in gear, and sooner or later that’s going to cause Hassle beck a horrible game. That game may be this week. Without his Pro Bowl caliber receiver Kenny Britt, the Titans receivers now become one of the worst in the league. Nothing new to Hasselbeck as he comes from Seattle.


Start: Ryan Fitzpatrick


The quarterback that was recruited by just Eastern Washington and Harvard, and honorable mention for All-State his senior year in high school, is now becoming a big time NFL quarterback. He has turned around a franchise, and has this team believing. The Bills somehow keep getting down in games and fighting back relentlessly. However they get the wins, Fitzpatrick is piling up impressive fantasy stats.


Start: LT


It looks like an unfavorable match up, but the Ravens have not been as stellar at giving up yards. They step up defensively in spots, but they do not play an entire four quarters of great football. Shonne Greene should be held in check, but look for LT to get some big plays out of the backfield. A good flex option this week.


Sit: Joey Addai


Addai ran tough and had one of his better games in awhile against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The amount of carries was a season high, to go along with nearly ninety yards and a touchdown. I don’t look for that to become a trend. The Colts managed the game effectively and limited the Steelers opportunities offensively. With the status of their quarterback situation still woeful, maintaining an effective rushing attack with someone as inconsistent as Addai will be hard to do.


Start: Daniel Thomas


The Dolphins are 0-3 with a couple of winnable games left on the playing field. One bright spot has been rookie Daniel Thomas. Thomas is excelling on a weekly basis, and granting the heavier work amount over newcomer Reggie Bush. Thomas should garner another effective fantasy outing with points in the range of ten to fourteen. For the ADP of Thomas, you’re getting way more value than you bargained for.


Sit: Frank Gore


We’ve seen the pattern far too often. A reliant running back, you expect to continually produce year after year. Age use to be the determining factor, but nowadays talent level declines out of nowhere. Gore’s time may be now. He has staved off injuries throughout his career to remain effective, but this year he just hasn’t had it. He looks slower, and just not himself. The heavy workloads of the prior years seem to have slowed him down a tad.


Start: Santana Moss


Moss seems to be Grossman’s main go to guy, as has been the case throughout Moss’s career with several different quarterbacks. He still has the speed to beat defenders deep, but has become more effective with simple crossing patterns the last few years. St. Louis has been ripped apart by the Giants, Ravens, and Eagles on big pass plays. Look for Moss to have one of his patented stat filler games.


Sit: Mike Thomas


Thomas finally had some fantasy relevancy in week three. Catching a touchdown to go with over fifty yards receiving. The touchdown came on an unorthodox type of play. Yet even though Thomas is the Jaguars main target at receiver, his stats at the end of the year will likely look like a third receivers. Give Gabbert a few months to develop and take his lumps. In the mean time do not even think of putting Thomas in your lineup. At the end of the year he should have stronger value.


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