Week Five Sit Ems

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Get those lineups submitted as Thursday is upon us. The NFL Network definitely did not think they would have an undefeated team in their matchup of the Cardinals and Rams. It’s a quality showcase though that will give viewers a good look at how Jeff Fisher’s handling the Rams, and the nation a great view of how stout the Cardinals defense is.

Here are week five’s sit ems for fantasy football.


Andrew Luck

It has to be frustrating for Luck to see the success RG3 is having thus far. It’s going to take awhile for the Colts offense to muster the same potency that the Redskins have. An area the Colts will need to upgrade in the offseason is at running back. Donald Brown has shown zilch in the backfield, and it’s only forced the Colts to have to increase Luck’s pass attempts. Green Bay feasts off young quarterbacks, and will likely get at least three interceptions off of Luck.

Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben is a quarterback that often teases fantasy owners. He is a steady mid two hundred yards a game thrower, which is not the type of stats to make him a viable fantasy quarterback number one. With how poor Pittsburgh’s defense has been, the Steelers will resort back to a slower pace ball control offense vs the Eagles. Ben may get a few big plays to either Antonio Brown or Mike Wallace, but overall he will not surpass 250 yards against the Eagles.

Cam Newton

Newton is not a must sit, but this is one of the weeks that if you drafted appropriately you should have a suitable backup fantasy quarterback. For those owners I would suggest inputting your backup, if you drafted a Flacco, Manning, Dalton, etc. They have better matchups than Newton this week. If you’re stuck with Newton it could still payoff. Statistically speaking though, Seattle has been the type of defense that clamps on quarterbacks that can rush the football. Newton’s a different specimen but if it were not for Newton’s 80 yards rushing last week, his fantasy numbers would have been average. He just hasn’t got off to the same rocking start as a year ago in the passing game.

Running Backs

Ahmad Bradshaw

Cleveland showcased against the Ravens that their front seven is legitimate at stopping the run. Bradshaw is feeling the heat right now with how well Andre Brown performed while he was hurt. His carries will not be as high, and the Giants seem fine at letting Eli chuck the football forty plus times a game. A bad matchup, and the Giants passing threat will always be unfavorable to Bradshaw.


After surprising with quality starts the first three weeks of the season, MJD came back to reality against the Bengals. Chicago has shut down the rushing attack of every team they have faced. Steven Jackson, Donald Brown, DeMarco Murray, and Cedric Benson have all seen their offensive coordinators abandon the running game by halftime. MJD is still highly valuable in PPR leagues, but if you’re not in one it may be wise to sit MJD, especially since Jacksonville has not been a reliable team to score points.

Stevan Ridley

Ridley’s numbers thus far rank him as a top fifteen fantasy back. He is one that will continue to put up solid games but consistency from the Patriots play calling may taper off. They typically do not run the football often, and last week’s forty total attempts will be a season high. With Bolden and Woodhead involved it’s going to impact games for Ridley against teams like Denver where the Patriots may only rush the ball twenty five times.

Wide Receivers

Marques Colston

Colston came back to fantasy life last week in a big way. His spotty play has made him more of a number three fantasy receiver nowadays. His healthy is reported now at one hundred percent for the first time in awhile. I’ll need to see a string of quality games from Colston before bumping him up in rankings. San Diego has the secondary to corral him this week.

Davone Bess

The role many expected Bess to have after Chad Johnson was cut has been fulfilled by Brian Hartline. Hartline is Ryan Tannehill’s favorite target and that does not look like it will change. Expect Miami to tone their passing game back down, and get back to relying on the running game. The Cardinals were the first team this season to shut down the rushing attack, and force the Dolphins to air it out. Miami wants to bring Tannehill along properly, to do that they’ll limit Tannehill’s throws to twenty five and under most games.

Anquan Boldin-
Dennis Pitta put up a whopping zero catches against the Browns Thursday night. The reason for that was because Boldin was playing that role over the middle an intermediate routes. Kansas City’s secondary loves to give up big plays through the running game and air. This week should be Ray Rice’s first fantastic game of the season. Big plays will still come through the air but Boldin is not going to be a large percentage of that.


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