Week Five Fourth Quarter Killers

Week Five Fourth Quarter Killers


Jay Cutler and the Bears Offensive Weapons
The theme currently with the Bears is that their offense is causing the team to play from behind. Albeit from poor mistakes by Jay Cutler or slow starts. Soon that will shift to issues from the defense. They’ve been giving up a ton of yards that has yielded points. Turnovers can only bailout a team so much. Facing New Orleans will be the latest failure of a Bears defense susceptible to big plays. Expect Jay Cutler and his weapons to be gunning again late. A flurry of fantasy points will accumulate as a result.

Tony Romo
Blending any team against the Broncos right now is a recipe for fantasy success. Dallas has not been able to form a consistent offensive game plan and it has wreaked havoc for a consistent team. Well this week against the Broncos a true offensive game plan won’t matter. The secondary is once again in shambles and won’t be able to correct issues in seven days let alone against Peyton Manning. Romo gets a lot of unwarranted attention because he gets put in these type of 50 pass attempt games frequently. He’ll be a top four week five fantasy producer but be the aching Dallas Cowboys media topic basher at the same time.

Owners have been waiting for a game that MJD will surpass his team’s inefficiency offensively. This is the golden game where you’ll see a payoff. I actually believe the Jaguars are not too far off from where the Rams are talent wise. The gap is much closer than we’ve seen from the Jaguar opponents in the Chiefs, Colts, and Seahawks. Blaine Gabbert will use MJD more in this game with the ground attack and with quick screens. Once the game hits the fourth quarter, MJD will be the difference as he is the most talented player on the field.

Cam Newton
Reflecting on good moments in your career is hard to not think about once in awhile. Newton’s career is still a mere few years in but it all started in a phenomenal week one debut in Arizona. Now he is back to Glendale, Arizona with a new fire after the Panthers dismantled the Giants before the Panthers bye week. In the second half of that game you could see Cam Newton’s confidence spring back. He’ll put together a fantasy friendly game against a Cardinals defense that many fantasy owners would consider sitting Newton.

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Robert Woods
A quick turn around for a rookie quarterback may not be the best of things. EJ Manuel has done a decent job at home, but on the road he has struggled mightily. Cleveland’s defense will attack and likely force plenty of three and outs for the Bills. By the fourth quarter Cleveland should have a comfortable ten to thirteen point lead that will allot the defense to ease a bit. Woods is showing to be one of Manuel’s favorite targets, and should produce this week in the fourth quarter.

Titans Defense
Tennessee is not getting enough credit for what their defense has provided for an overall boost to their team. The injury to Jake Locker will leave bettors and fans discouraged to take the home dog Titans. Not me. Locker’s replacement in Ryan Fitzpatrick thrives in backup roles and has done it as a Ram, Bengal, and Bill. His payday was granted in Buffalo and now he has zero pressure on his shoulders. Alex Smith and the Chiefs on the other hand have heightened expectations that were not there just four weeks ago. The dink and dump offensive approach with Alex Smith is going to crack soon. It didn’t against the Jags, Cowboys, Eagles, or Giants. All of which are not considered top ten or even twenty defenses. Smith will cave and provide the Titans defense with plenty of fantasy points.

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