Week Eight Spread Picks

By Zack Cimini


Last week we were red hot with our spread selections. Winning ten out of fourteen games. We stated we loved the road underdogs, and it turned out to be the pattern last week. We even provided a bonus selection with the over on Philadelphia/Tennessee during our pod cast. It should be another good week. Take a gander at who we have penned for this weekend.


Overall Record: 56-45-3

Last Week’s Record: 10-4

Denver- +1.5- As bad as the Broncos lost at home last week, before that game they were playing decent football. They had just not been able to pull wins out. San Francisco aims to give Troy Smith a chance. We think the Broncos will squeak this one out and get some solid run support from Knowshown Moreno.

Dallas -6.5- The Cowboys defense will finally set the tone in a game. Kitna will hand the football off to Felix Jones and build upon that. Everyone will be asking where was this team at the beginning of the season, and why wasn’t Felix more involved.

Detroit -2.5- Washington’s had their fair share of ugly wins. They’ll need more than 14-17 points to squeeze out this one. Detroit’s coming off their bye week and has their main quarterback ready. Torain’s had some fumbling issues and McNabb’s primary target, Chris Cooley, is dinged up.

NY Jets -6- One of our favorite picks this week. Green Bay’s still two weeks away from a bye week but is in dire need of one. They’re nicked up, but also their last three weeks they’ve had two overtime games and a hard fought victory. New York’s fresh and should roll.

Carolina +3- Matt Moore did make a costly mistake in the fourth quarter but regrouped. He held his composure and delivered a drive to tie the game, and then led a game winning field goal. Confidence is all it takes and he should be able to do enough to get his second victory. The Rams offense was extremely stagnant last week, and it looks like Bradford could finally be headed towards rookie woes.

Miami +1.5- Atlanta did a poor job last week on attacking Carson Palmer’s weaknesses. One of his worse is handling pressure. Miami gets after opposing quarterbacks and should force a few turnovers. Where the worries come in for Miami is their secondary, which has done a mediocre job all year. Chad Henne showed last week that he can carry Miami if the running game falters. They’ll have both the pass/run clicking this week.

Buffalo +7.5- Last week the Jacksonville and Kansas City game was a close battle until the second half. Bouman was doing exactly what Ryan Fitzpatrick’s asked and that is manage the game. Fitzpatrick’s done a solid job on making the right throws, and is one of the leading pass rated quarterbacks in the league. The Bills will have their hands full shutting down Kansas City’s triple threat backfield, but will cover the 7.5.

San Diego -3.5- If the Chargers play four full quarters of football than we could have a blowout on our hands. The problem is they never do. This team should finally wake up after not being mentally ready last week.

Tampa Bay+-3- The one victory Max Hall had against the Saints will be his only as a starter. Whisenhunt needs to keep dreaming on this idiotic move. Hall’s decision making is not up to par to NFL speed. If the first options not open he gets confused on his secondary reads.

Oakland -2.5- As long as Jason Campbell doesn’t go back to throwing interceptions at a high rate this should be another victory for the resurgent Raiders. Seattle’s had a fairly easy schedule to start of the year. Catching two of the most inconsistent teams (San Diego and Chicago) and divisional opponents (Cardinals and 49ers).

Minnesota +5- This is a test of this Vikings teams will. Not Brett Favre not Tavaris Jackson. Whoever steps on the field needs to lead this team. They were a play away from being in the Super Bowl a year ago. In order to even think of having a chance to make the playoffs, they have to pull together for this win. We believe they’ll get it done as a team, and use Favre’s warrior effort to carom them forward.

Pittsburgh +1- There’s no reason to talk about the Saints a year ago. That team is not even close to the product currently playing on the field. They’re lucky they have the record they do, as early in the year they pulled off some sloppy wins. Lately though they’ve just played sloppy. The way they’re playing doesn’t get figured out and fixed in one week. Especially when you go against the top team in the NFL.

Houston +5.5- A tough game to call here. Both our coming off bye weeks, and have the taste of week one still in their minds. Both know this game could have huge lasting affects on their seasons. Tennessee has just as much of a chance at winning the division, but even a wild card birth could be at risk from a tie breaker stand point. Houston just has the prime matchups on both sides of the ball to expose the Colts. Were not saying they’ll win, but they’ll hang close.


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