Week 17: Waiver Wire

By Zack Cimini

Week seventeen incorporates two obstacles for fantasy teams. With NFL teams already having secured playoff locks, the majority of coaches have decided to rest their starters after a quarter or two. It?s reminiscent of the preseason, and has brought up the fact that fans don?t pay for complete season tickets to be robbed of a final game. You can?t make everyone happy, and any coach will say, ?take it how it is? to a fan. Their home team is obviously doing something right if they are able to rest in the last week.

If you?re in a crazy league that decides to have a championship game in week seventeen, then you?re in a rut with the Colts. Peyton Manning may be worth a shot at starting because he is capable of putting up a complete game in one quarter. But if you have Edgerrin James or Marvin Harrison, it may be wise to stay away from them. You can ill afford to miss out on potential points from the third or fourth quarter from them.

So if you have solid backups at those positions, this is when that analyzing and bench production will be put to test. If Dominic Rhodes or James Mungro are on the waiver wire, it may be a gamble worth taking to pick one of them up. Both have been fantasy life savers a few times in their careers, and this weekend could be another.


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