Week 16: One Week Wonder

By Zack Cimini

The Vikings offense is high potent but Michael Bennett?s success in week sixteen is definitely a one week wonder. He has been on the pine for the majority of the year, and disappointed many owners with his downfall. Minnesota has already made it clear that they don?t have a definitive starter and will use a cluster of players. Bennett benefited from Smith?s illness last week and showed that he is capable in case the situation presents itself again.

Bennett is the fastest back in the league, and may be on the trading block in the off-season with the Vikings crowded backfield. Onterrio Smith, Mewelde Moore, and Moe Williams all are directly involved, even though the Vikings don?t focus on the running game at all. It?s an unusual proposition, but the Vikings like to take their chances with Culpepper and their receivers.

If needed though, this team could run the ball every down like a high school football team and succeed. So if Culpepper were to go down, the assumption of the Vikings being at total disarray is false. The Vikings could flip the script and try to develop the running game to open up the passing attack.

Either way none of the Vikings are a solution to your fantasy football team until the Vikings decide on a feature back. Whoever plays the best in the playoff run should get full attention towards strengthening that outcome. So just keep your eyes on this situation.


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