Week 14 Spread Selections

By Zack Cimini



Thursday football not only means fantasy football lineup submissions. It means brainstorming on that first game versus the spread. We’ve got week fourteen penned better than an Oprah book club nominee. Take a look at who we have with analysis on each pick.

Last Week’s Record: 7-9

Overall Record: 99-90-4


Indianapolis -3- As much as people want to see Manning lose and bring his woes up another level, everyone knows he is going to battle for this victory. As bad as the Colts issues have been, Tennessee’s is likely worse. They can’t get Chris Johnson back on track, and have switched quarterbacks more than the Oakland Raiders.

Oakland +4- Jacksonville’s played above their talent level all season long. They stay in games by controlling the ball, and limiting their turnovers. Oakland is riding high after their upset victory over the Chargers. Look for them to come out strong and force Jacksonville to get out of their slow attack.

Pittsburgh -8.5- We’re expecting a few defensive touchdowns in this one. Cincinnati is going to come out for the first few drives. Once those attempts don’t work, look for this team to pack it in. They have no heart and it’s showed all season. Blow out city.

New England -3- Tom Brady won’t have the ease of racing up and down the field as he did against the Jets. It’ll be a better battle. New England’s defense has to continue to show it’s growth in order for the Patriots to pull this one out. Yet, were taking the Patriots as they’ll win the turnover battle and make that extra big play.

Cleveland +1- Cleveland’s outing against Miami didn’t deserve a win, but they let the opposing team make the mistakes. This game has another sloppy outing written all over it. It’s been snowing like crazy in New York this week. Will see how the weather is on Sunday, but expect a low scoring punt fest here.

New York Giants- The line isn’t officially set here but the Giants are a playoff bound team. They’ve feasted on opposing quarterbacks with major weaknesses all season. There’s no doubt Brett Favre will start at the expense of the Vikings. He has nothing left out there but his streak.

Detroit +6.5- The Packers are the type of team that like to play close games. A lot of their wins they pull away at a point in the second half, but it takes awhile for them to get going. Detroit’s been hanging in all season against opposing teams. They’re ready for a signature statement win for 2010, and we think they’ll get it here.

Atlanta -7.5- This team wants to play at home in the playoffs. They’re not going to let a letdown happen against the Panthers to jeopardize that.

Washington +1.5-A team respects a coach that makes bold decisions. Shanahan did that by ending the tirade with Albert Haynesworth for the rest of this season. Washington’s had a rough go this past month, but is not nearly as bad as the team that took a butt kicking last week. Tampa Bay is reeling and we think they’ll have an after taste of last week’s crushing loss derail them.

St. Louis +9.5- There are people that keep saying the NFC West shouldn’t have representation in the playoffs. They’re not on national television much but St. Louis has played solid ball this year. Sam Bradford just doesn’t make mistakes. They have a few good drives a game and their defense has been a force.

Seattle +5.5- 13-10.….Which team wins, doesn’t matter. Seattle covers.

Miami +5.5- You can’t bet against the Dolphins on the road. It’s been a mistake all year as they just play better as a team. We all remember how Mark Sanchez ended last year on a tailspin almost costing the Jets a playoff spot. It won’t get that bad but Jets fans will be nervous in this one.

Denver– The difference in this game is one team has made a change. That’s Denver. The Cardinals have been horrific trying to move the football for five straight games.

Kansas City +6.5- Bettors can get ahead of the Chargers wagon jumpers now. Everyone’s betting on the fact that San Diego closes out years. Not this one, their play has been inconsistent due to numerous issues. The fact is Kansas City has played better this year, and will show it Sunday.

Philadelphia -3.5- Jason Garrett’s done this and that….yadda yadda yadda. How will he plan on disguising and blanketing against Mike Vick? He won’t. Then the game plan of running the ball twenty times each with Felix Jones and Tashard Choice will shift to air the ball. Everyone has seen when the Cowboys have been forced to throw they’ve struggled. With Dez Bryant out that spells double trouble, as he has been the only one to step up.

Baltimore -3- If Baltimore can get back to rushing the football, maybe they’ll get rolling again. Last year the Ravens rediscovered rushing the ball right about this time, and stormed over playoff opponents. Their play call to pass with three minutes to go just was atrocious. Watch them run and Ray Rice have his best game of the season.


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