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In yet another possible closeout game in the NBA playoffs, the Oklahoma City Thunder come back home in a game five. A probable sweep was extended in game four when a no-call chest foul on Omer Asik and a blown layup by Serge Ibaka was missed.

Houston’s game plan has been the same throughout the series offensively. They’ve played the same philosophy offense they have all year, and that is to run and gun constantly. Their elite player James Harden has struggled a bit but overall as a team they’ve played well. Their offense is ran awfully similar to the way Mike D’Antoni cranked things into high gear while the Phoenix Suns head coach years ago.

The blame offensively for Oklahoma City continues to go squarely on Kevin Durant from the media. I do not see it that way. With Russ Westbrook out of the lineup, the Thunder do not have extended options to shoot and score. Second year player Reggie Jackson is doing a solid job, but the rest of OKC’s cast is just not offensive minded. When you see Serge Ibaka attempting and reattempting twenty footers you have to realize there are other issues.

Look for Houston to play another competitive game even if they get down double digits. They have the offense to snap back from a big deficit. With the way the Thunder have offensive limitations it’s a bargain to take the Rockets plus the big point spread.


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