Danger, danger. It’s a terrible sign if you are scouring the waiver wire list, one week deep into the 2005 NFL season. Chances are if that is the case, you might as well pay off whoever in your league you made a bet with. Then again, your moves to scoop up pass on players may help you get back into realistic competition. Lets begin the impossible voyage of trying to excavate your fantasy football team. The possibility of an undefeated season has already collapsed on you. What desperation attempts will you try to make?

h3. Quarterbacks

*Drew Bledsoe*
If you’re in dire need of a bail out at quarterback, Bledsoe may be a viable resuscitation for your team. All a long in preseason we told you to watch out for Bledsoe. He has always been a decent passer, and just needs an extra second or two in the pocket. He is the type of quarterback that gets rattled if he is pressured. As long as Dallas can have good pass protection and Julius Jones, this should be Bledsoe’s best year in some time.

*Gus Frerotte*
Don’t get crazy with this one. Frerotte and the entire Dolphins had a shocking display of how quick a team can transit from one season to the next. Either that or Denver was poorly conditioned going into the season in Miami. Regardless of the matter, Frerotte is worth nothing more than a better backup situation, if your current backup is a question mark. The Dolphins have implemented a lot of change, and one of them is to utilize some sort of passing attack. Chris Chambers, David Boston, and Marty Booker are not a bad combination.

*JP Losman*
Maybe the Bills can retrieve last seasons success with follow up finesse. Losman’s debut went fairly well. Defenses will continue to throw different looks at him, and that’s when will see a rookie Losman. The NFL still doesn’t know enough information on him, so he may get away with a few good games this month.

h3. Running Backs

*Willie Parker*
The bus made a trip to Parker and was hijacked. For all the toughest calls franchises have to make, Pittsburgh is going to be in a tussle. Once Bettis and Staley are healthy, they are going to have to deal with a crowd. It’s going to be like three brothers owning one car. There is no time to share, but someone is going to get the set of keys come Sundays. Lets face it, Parker is going to be the best difference maker for the Steelers. He is super quick, and does all the things Staley and Bettis can’t do.

With the way the Steelers like to baby Roethlisberger, it may not end up being that big of a situation. The Steelers may choose to run the football fifty times a game with all three backs. Seriously, I wonder if the Steelers make Roethlisberger practice handing off the football more times than he throws. He has it easier than a punter. Hut, hut, a quick turn and handoff. Instead of his arm hurting, he probably has to ice his ankles from all the shifts he makes from under center to a ninety degree handoff.

*Kevan Barlow*
He didn’t even do well in the 49ers shocking week one win. The good thing that came out of the 49ers win is hope. If their offense can bring something to the table, than there is some actual fantasy value to seek out of Barlow. A few years ago Barlow was a sleeper and ranked in the fifteen to twenty range. The light has been dim on the field for him since, and he went undrafted in many leagues. Any fantasy football team that is weak at the running position should sweep him up.

*Larry Johnson*
Err, is probably what your thinking. Yeah we know Johnson didn’t go undrafted in your league. But you better think of a way to land him on your team now. Offer whatever type of slightly baiting trade you can to lure an owner into accepting. Johnson put up killer stats with only eight carries. The Chiefs want to use him more, and there is actually room for two great backs in Kansas City. Now next year that may be a different story, as Holmes may need to find a new home.

*Brandon Jacobs*
Didn’t he look like a Ron Dayne replica live in action? He even wears Dayne’s old number. What Jacobs does do differently though is actually pound the pile for more than two yards. Jacobs will be the Giants short yardage back, and that’s already paid dividends with a touchdown.

h3. Wide Receivers

*Patrick Crayton*
Has any third or fourth receiver been in the stat column as much as Crayton? He did it last season and has ripped through the preseason and first regular season game with the same results. Crayton is an unbelievable talent that in due time will be a star. All that’s waiting is Keyshawn Johnson and Terry Glenn. Before the year is over, Crayton will solidify a starting position opposite Keyshawn Johnson. This will be less than two years after being a seventh round draft pick. Talk about determination and hard work. These are the athletes that need restructuring of contracts.

*Greg Lewis*
Lewis plays like a hard nosed type receiver that wants a job. His job is to be the Eagles second receiver, and he fit’s the bill with opposite integrity of Terrell Owens. His style isn’t boastful (Shouts out to jobless Freddie Mitchell), and his stats are quiet numbers. Terrell Owens draws way too much attention for Lewis not to have some big games this year.

*Clarence Moore or Mark Clayton*
Kyle Boller went down briefly into the third quarter. Anthony Wright stepped in and the passing game suddenly began. If Anthony Wright can jar away the starting job from Boller, than Derrick Mason and either Clayton or Moore will be weekly fantasy swifts. Wright has always demonstrated an arm and ability to rack up passing yards. Remember interceptions and mistakes by the quarterback don’t hurt your receivers in fantasy football.


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