Waiver Wire Week One

By Zack Cimini

Get out the air horn and belt out at the same time, CAM NEWTON IS THE REAL DEAL. What a show he put on, in an all out treasure performance. It’ll go down as the debut of debuts. No matter what sport in the next ten to fifteen years, when a rookie’s first game is underway, Newton’s will be at the top of the bar. Play after play, throw after throw, Newton stayed undeterred, calm, and poised. Delivering rocket throws with his ahem, non accurate arm.

Throughout all of his summer interviews and predraft interviews he answered questions appropriately but with emphasis on getting better each time. Those workouts and hard work advanced his weaknesses that were just on display in college eight months ago, to near flawless execution. Was it a mixture of the Cardinals attacking too much with pressure, and leaving the secondary exposed? Maybe. Newton though made plenty of tough throws and right reads. Right reads being key. As many rookies overlook wide open receivers consistently.

It was an amazing start to week one, and owners are for sure to scurry their way to right click and add plenty of players. At the top being Newton. Who else should be looked at.


Cam Newton-
Newton possesses all the attributes you could want. A younger 2001 Daunte Culpepper. Slimmer, faster, and possibly a better arm. He already shows the natural pocket presence that leads you to believe he will only get better. If you already had Newton as a fantasy player, all you were expecting was 200 yard games POSSIBLY, and additional points from rushing. Not anymore. He’ll obviously tail off in some games, but he is going to be a monster for years to come.

Ryan Fitzpatrick- Why he continues to not get his proper credit is beyond me. He did well last year by dropping back and putting the team on his shoulders week after week. He blossomed over the 2010 season and has the Bills believing. Four touchdowns and proper management of every drive at Kansas City was very impressive.

Mark Sanchez- Only 64% owned in Yahoo leagues, Sanchez showcased a solid week one outing. He may not have too many 300 yard passing games, but he should see an increase in the touchdown category. He has too many weapons to throw to and should be a viable backup fantasy quarterback at the least. With Shonn Greene performing bust like in the regular season again, the Jets might have to rely on Sanchez’s arm more than they thought.

Running Backs

Cadillac Williams- Steven Jackson’s exit after an galloping touchdown run, makes room for this waiver wire pickup. Cadillac Williams has been through his fair share of injuries over the years, but hasn’t lost his toughness. He stepped in well with nearly ninety yards rushing and fifty receiving. He is likely available in the majority of leagues and is worth stashing on your bench if you’re thin on backs.

Jacquizz Rodgers- You can already see the funk of the Falcons offense, resulting in some changes. One that likely will happen is finding a way to get Rodgers on the field and more touches. He is the scat back type that offenses love to mix in. Watch for increased plays from Rodgers over the next few weeks. He did some damage as a pass catching receiver Sunday.

Delone Carter- Whispers were circling just a week ago when Carter eclipsed Donald Brown on the depth chart. It seems that there are some big changes ahead for the Colts, not just in the loss column. Carter could end up overtaking this job before long.

Derrick Ward- Dependant on if Arian Foster’s hamstring injury lingers, Ward could be a decent impact guy. The Texans love to rush the football, so the top two backs always have great fantasy value.

Wide Receivers

Jason Avant- Avant just keeps staying productive as an Eagle. With the Eagles loving to throw the football, Avant has always had fantasy value. This year there are many variables to see that increase. The Eagles are more explosive, and the concerns with the athletes above Avant on the roster chart.

Jason Hill- Luke McCown is going to be the typical Jay Fiedler type at quarterback. Handing the football off enough not to lose the game and drive his coaches crazy. With an effective ground game as the Jaguars have, it’ll create openings for McCown to deliver some throws. Hill didn’t catch a touchdown but caught enough passes to warrant waiver wire attention.

Jabar Gaffney- Gaffney is a journeyman that keeps on handling his business. Could the decision to start Rex Grossman last season truly of been the proper call? Grossman seems to have found his niche with the Redskins, which boosts all Redskins receivers up a tad from a week ago.

Brandon LaFell- Newton’s yardage average was assumed to be near 200 yards a game at best. Was his four hundred yard game above average? Clearly. But teams will go back to doubling Steve Smith like they did years ago. When that happens, LaFell will become an increased target.

Randall Cobb- Cobb could be a one week wonder. Based on what we have all seen from special teams super studs the last few years, you’d have to expect for Cobb to get on the field more. Even with all the Packers receiving weapons, Cobb poses as a fantasy worthy pickup in deeper leagues.

Ed Dickson- Joe Flacco has always been very comfortable with his tight ends. Todd Heap was the main guy for the start of Flacco’s career. Now it’s Dickson, who even though has been a Raven, really never got involved as a pass catching tight end. Those doubting Dickson being effective as a fantasy worthy tight end may want to reshift, as he can be this years Mercedes Lewis.


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