Waiver Wire: Week One

By Zack Cimini

Here’s a look at some athletes that stocks have shot up after week one. Should you make some roster moves already, why not? Wednesdays are always interesting to see the shake up in leagues.

Michael Vick- He’ll likely get the start week two. Going forward all depends on how he handles this actual start. One half of great play looks fantastic, but now Vick will have to do that for an entire game. Detroit’s defense is not the same gimmick and easily to thrash. Vick will have to protect the football on some of his runs or a Kolb type hit could force him out.

Derek Anderson- His week one performance was a tad bit rough. He’ll probably still go unclaimed in a lot of leagues. This game he did not have Beanie Wells and was working with Larry Fitzgerald who was only at 70 percent. The upside is there if he can get his accuracy under control. If your looking for a backup with some upside scoop him up.

Brandon Jackson- With Ryan Grant’s season done here is your first running back to get full duties due to an injury. He had a tough time week one against Philadelphia but opportunities will not be reduced. He’ll get twenty touches a game which sparks the interest of any fantasy owner. Just hope that you’re number one on the waiver wire priority thanks to starting Michael Turner, Frank Gore, or another plethora of busts week one.

Ahmad Bradshaw- It’s getting to the point that Bradshaw will get the bulk of the carries over Brandon Jacobs. He did week one totaling 20 to Jacobs 12. We think that trend will continue as Jacobs is proving ineffective as an every down runner. Bradshaw has shown the burst and explosiveness that could turn him from a dark sleeper to a reliable starter. He did have two fumbles which he’ll have to corral quickly from happening again.

Arian Foster- He should have been drafted in your leagues but for those that were in idiotic leagues here you go. Foster had a start that franchise owners just love. It’ll probably end up being his best game of the season, but we all know Houston is going to score points. With Foster demonstrating a knack to get in the end zone, double digit production is easily reachable.

Eddie Royal- Royal had a bust of a season last year. He looks like he rededicated himself in the off-season and is ready to take on his new lead receiving role. Orton likes to lock in on his number one receivers and Royal catching eight passes is pretty impressive. In years past any good performances by Royal would usually happen with minimal catches from long pass plays. Totaling eight makes us actually believe in Royal.

Austin Collie- We all knew the Colts had a sure set of receivers that would be fantasy friendly, but we didn’t think it’d stretch down to their fourth starter. Collie proved to be Manning’s main target Sunday as he was able to free himself consistently. That type of performance will put pressure on Gonzalez. Manning probably won’t have 57 pass attempts every game, but he’ll have enough big games to warrant Collie as a fantasy fifth or sixth receiver.

Legedu Naanee- He could still go unclaimed in leagues due to owners inability to spell his name. Implement a 7th grade spelling bee participant to figure this one out. Naanee had one busted up play that was half of his totals Monday night. With Jackson gone someone has to be Rivers other target besides Gates. It could rotate week to week between Naanee and Malcolm Floyd, but this week it’s Naanee.


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