Waiver Wire: Post Week Two

Are you the first team with an option for waivers in your fantasy football league? If that is the case, than your team is 0-2. Not a good spot to be in as the shortened fantasy football season, makes little room for error. Your looking at having to post a couple of nice runs to make up for the first two games. The only way to do it, is utilize your chances with waiver wire pick ups. It’s an under rated aspect that some losing teams still don’t try to use to spring their teams.


Trent Dilfer:
Dilfer gets a lot of smack about being the worst quarterback to win a Super Bowl. He has a ring and that’s all he cares about. Now his career has turned into a brighter direction with the new look Browns. If the season were to be over now, he’d be a lock for a Pro Bowl spot. Like Chris Berman always says, that’s why you play the game. Things can change rapidly with Dilfer, but having him as a security emergency starter would be a bright idea.

Jeff Garcia
Yes he out for an extended period of time, but prepare for the Lions to try to rush him back. Think ahead another five weeks, and Harrington will be a ghost. Kids in Detroit will be sporting Joey Harrington jerseys on Halloween to pay tribute to him one last time. Detroit has too much talent to let an opportunity slip to win the NFC North. Chicago isn’t going to do it, and the Packers and Vikings are both 0-2. Scoop up Garcia before everyone else tries to in three or four weeks.

Mark Brunell
Being hesitant on Brunell’s future with the Redskins has become a lock for this apparent season. Brunell played under flight for the most part of the Monday Night game, and then finally board with two launches in a span of three minutes. He has always had the arm. The Redskins should only get better on offense. With the defense already solid, it may be a fight for the top between them and the Eagles.

Running Backs

Sammy Morris
Morris has made the most of his carries. All it’s going to take is continued poor play by Brown for Morris to overshadow Brown totally. Morris has always been an under the radar back throughout his career, but will never fade completely. Even last year Miami couldn’t run the ball, but Morris on the other hand averaged 4.0 ypc and had six touchdowns. Miami may be over stocked at running back. So watch for the team that signs Morris in the off season. If he lands in a nice situation, he will be a great sleeper in 2006.

Derrick Blaylock
Bypassing a week to sit out could harm Curtis Martin for good. He says he is fine but we all know how weekend warriors like to push aside an injury for their teams. The decline of Curtis Martin was foresaw three or four years ago, but never happened. Lamont Jordan was supposed to be the next guy in New York, but Martin was resilient. He has done it for so long, that soon it’s just going to be injury due to age that catches up to him.

Derrick Blaylock is an opportune back. In Kansas City he raised his stock when Priest Holmes went down with injuries in prior years. What a gift for Blaylock to run behind the Chiefs and Jets offensive line. If any other NFL team goes crazy with offering Blaylock a huge contract, better look at the lines he was behind first.

Wide Receivers

Robert Ferguson:
Some think Ferguson is a better receiver than Javon Walker. Barely over a year ago, Ferguson was ahead of Walker on the depth chart. Then Ferguson was hit with the injury bug, and Walker become a star. The tables have turned in the injury department, and now it’s Ferguson’s chance to shine. Green Bay will be throwing a lot because of their defense, so Ferguson will get plenty of yardage.

Bryant Johnson
With the Cardinals lack of a rushing attack, Johnson should creep up in the stat department. Over him are two premier receivers, but there is room for more footballs. Proven that Anquan Boldin has been injury prone, could leave even more balls Johnson’s way.

James Thrash
The Redskins are so happy that they found a new angle to attack with their offense. Line up their speedy receivers and gun it down field. Santana Moss left two trails last week, and James Thrash is still in the league because of his speed. There will be new focused attention on Moss, and that could limit him for weeks. So Thrash may get the indirect fantasy stats due to Moss’s presence on the field.

Tight Ends

Jeramy Stevens:
Seattle has never used Stevens as a forceful weapon. He has great size and adequate pass catching skills. Those two skills combined are all you need to be a great tight end in the NFL. Over the past two weeks, Hasselbeck has found Stevens for forty yards a game and one touchdown. It looks as if Stevens is a safe starter if you weren’t able to grab a Randy McMichael, Todd Heap, Alge Crumpler, Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates, or a Jason Witten.


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