Week Two Wonders

We know what brand of bread you buy, wonder bread. Your team is filled with so much luck, you have enough wonder bread slices to make three sandwiches.


Donovan McNabb
Chop this one up as his best statistical game of the season. Usually you can get one or the other from McNabb in terms of success with either yardage or touchdowns. To get both at high rates turned out to be a great surprise. They just jumped on the 49ers with the passing game, and didn’t go away from it. Fantasy fans that let McNabb slip out the first round are paying the price. He has always been able to put up great season numbers, and it’s because of games like Sunday. But throwing the ball a lot is not what the Eagles offense is about. They’ll settle down and get Brian Westbrook more involved.

Anthony Wright
Jack Nicholson never noticed, Anthony Wright, co-starring in As Good as It Gets. Probably because the sequel was yanked and destroyed, just what Brian Billick is about to do with his quarterbacks. Anthony Wright has an arm to use but not enough field smarts, and with Kyle Boller his assets to the team are still undisclosed. Wright threw forty times against the Titans weak defense and had sufficient yardage for a quarterback that threw twenty times, with 212 yards. Being on the trading block for a quarterback is unheard of in the NFL. It looks like the Ravens are going to change that. Maybe giving up Chester Taylor could bring about some decent offers.

Trent Dilfer
Composed and fluent as he has ever been. Dilfer is becoming one of those veterans that come into his own in their later years. He just looks comfortable about everything on the field. It does help when you’ve got a cast of receivers that could run for the USA Olympic team. Antonio Bryant, Dennis Northcutt, Braylon Edwards, and Frisman Jackson are arguably the fastest quartet of receivers in the NFL. Things will only get better for the passing game when Kellen Winslow Jr. returns next season to team up with Steve Heiden who has looked amazing. Keep in mind the Browns are a young team and are bound for trouble. When trouble comes that’s when the turnovers start and get silly.

Running Backs

Stephen Davis
Seventy seven yards sounds right. Three touchdowns, now that’s a clerical error. Maybe someone at STATS Inc. was inputting credit for touchdowns to the wrong back. His one yard plunges are a good sign that the Panthers will use him all the time as the goal line back. We’re still doubting though that he makes it the midway point before something pops up or out. He is a battered back and sustaining this type of success just doesn’t happen to a repaired body barely healed.

Thomas Jones
Last week we told you to start him and get the most of the fantasy value out of him that you can. We sure hope you listened because the warmth he is going to get being on the sidelines from November on, is going to be more than he gets underneath piles of tacklers. He should be a starter, and if a team wants to trade for him, than his fantasy value sky rockets. We know one team out there (Arizona, didn’t you draft Jones) that really needs a back. Jones showed his growth as a running back last season, and obliterated the Lions defense for seven yards a carry Sunday. Depending on how much the Bears continue to use him, he could still be a fill in bye week plugger or more.

Wide Receivers

Santana Moss
Gaining practically all your yardage and two touchdowns in the last few minutes of a game is what you call the definition of wonders in fantasy football. Moss has built his reputation as a big play guy, and that’s it. He has speed and Dallas slept on that for the final minutes. There should have been adjustments made to prevent that after the first touchdown. If the Redskins can get the offense clicking, than Moss’s value will be steady. With Clinton Portis able to get out the blocks, that’ll open the opportunity for Moss to stretch the field even more. But what Moss did on Monday night is something that isn’t supposed to happen in football. It was comparable to what Reggie Miller did against the Knicks, with eight points in a brief period of seconds. Glitches on defense happen and make lifetime moments. Moss just experienced one.

Troy Brown
He is a key player, but one of those that’s just needed on the field. He does the little things without catching the ball, but somehow he has been getting them to start this season. If you were to project Brown’s season stats it would be easy. Having a scatter plot for yards would be all over the yardage marks of zero to one hundred yards, and his touchdown last week may show up with another dot or two.


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