Waiver Wire Post Week One


So you lost week one in your high stakes auction or fantasy league. Your buddies are getting on you and it has you in the mindset that you can’t go 0-2. After all the smack talk after your draft you’re in need of a jolt to sidestep being the message board tagged “it”. The bogus trade offers are pouring in to try to sway you in over reacting on week one.

Do not do that, but take a look at the bottom of your roster and look at the buried depth you can dump. There were plenty of week one performers that can help you out immediately and in the long run of the 2012 fantasy season.


Joe Flacco-
What has been holding back Joe Flacco over the years has been the Ravens play calling. When called upon Flacco has shown the arm and capabilities of leading the team. The conservative passing game days are done in Baltimore. They’re going to run the no huddle and keep teams off balance with the air attack. Before big plays from Flacco would come off dump passes to Ray Rice, or the occasional bomb to Torrey Smith. It’s going to be a good mix from here on out. Flacco is a borderline fantasy starter with this new offense, and will help teams that are in need of an upgrade at quarterback.

Alex Smith-
There are a few differences with the 49ers that will make Smith a fantasy backup. Frank Gore has been one of the most warn down backs based on carries over the years. He has not necessarily been healthy either. Smith has developed a strong connection with Vernon Davis that is one of the top five quarterback to tight end connections in the league. Randy Moss may be quiet in front of the media, but the 49ers signed him to be a threat. Whether that’s a decoy to free up Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham, or getting past the defense as he did in week one. Smith will have sneaky stats all year long with a receiver corp much better than the names of Ted Ginn, Braylon Edwards, and Joshua Morgan

Blaine Gabbert-
Gabbert led a poised drive to get the Jaguars ahead late in the fourth quarter but was never able to get the ball back in his hands. Minnesota drove and tied the game and ended it with a field goal in overtime. If not for that many people would have been praising the efforts of Gabbert on the road. He threw almost forty times and did not make a mistake with interceptions. He did that with a cast of receivers many would rank near the bottom of the league.

Running Backs

CJ Spiller-
Spiller was profiled in our one week wonders based on the fact that his game against the Jets will likely be his season high. With Fred Jackson dinged up for awhile, Spiller is going to see an obvious boost of a role. A high value for PPR leagues as he is going to get more plays on the field and become the safety net Fitzpatrick had with Jackson. Spiller may see a load share with Tashard Choice, but should get twelve to fifteen carries for the next month.

Alfred Morris-
It’s not a shock to see Mike Shanahan use a rookie drafted late. The Redskins pounded away with Morris whose yards per carry was not high, but made an impact with each run. It’ll be interesting to see if Shanahan stays with Morris for a great length of the season. For now though you can’t argue with the amount of carries he will receive.

Kendall Hunter-
Before last season Frank Gore had not played a full season since his second year in the NFL. Not many running backs can stay healthy the way Gore runs. San Francisco has an offensive line made to run the football and wear down opposing teams. The balance of the pass and run will be one of the best in the NFL this year, and may be the difference in the 49ers making it to the Super Bowl. This is a two back NFL league now, and Hunter is a top seven backup.

Wide Receivers

Alshon Jeffrey-
People are shocked that the Bears lit up the scoreboard mainly through a dynamic passing game led by Jay Cutler. The Bears have always thrown the football, it’s just now they have the talent to make plays. Instead of seeing Cutler throw a bomb that lands on the grass, chances are higher for completions with big targets Jeffrey and Brandon Marshall.

Coby Fleener-
Familiarity is always a good thing for a rookie, and Luck has that with Fleener. Based on the catches of Reggie Wayne you can say the same for them. Fleener has a knack for getting open and knowing how to shield himself from the defender and be ready for a Luck pass. It’ll take a few games for us to know how the Colts red zone offense will be, but Fleener has the best shot at being Luck’s main target down there.

Andre Roberts
There are only about a dozen teams where a third receiver on a team is fantasy worthy. Roberts may be listed as the Cardinals third receiver, but he is more a part of the Cardinals offense than rookie Michael Floyd. Both Kevin Kolb and John Skelton look for Roberts frequently, and Roberts has responded well. He is more of a Davone Bess type that is not going to break any long gains, but he may end up with a high quality amount of touchdowns. Arizona is not known for their tight ends, and that’s only going to benefit a possession receiver such as Roberts.

Randall Cobb-
Donald Driver may have returned for a last hooray, but much like Hines Ward last year the Packers are going to go with the youngsters. Cobb and James Jones are going to be in the fray of things along with regular starters Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings. The special abilities of Cobb make him more intriguing for the Packers to involve more, and is why he should be for fantasy owners.

Brandon Lafell-
Carolina may have a great set of running backs at their disposal, but their bread and butter is going to be with the legs and arm of Cam Newton. Steve Smith has done it for quite awhile but defenses are not going to allow Smith to thrash them game after game like they did a year ago. No team was prepared for Newton’s excellence through the air. Now they are, and Lafell is going to be a receiver that can up his value based upon the extra eyes hoarding Smith. Lafell has been a Panther that has fought to get to his level on the team, and seems prepared to have his best year yet.

Donald Jones-
With David Nelson lost for the year, Jones gets to fill his shoes. Based on Buffalo’s defensive collapse for four quarters against the Jets, they may be down plenty of games this season. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a hot/cold quarterback but when he is on he can be a top ten fantasy quarterback.

Andrew Hawkins-
Getting out in the open field with speed still sets yourself apart even in the NFL. Speedsters can make a living besides on special teams, and Hawkins showcased that on Monday Night Football. A young quarterback needs a hot route receiver he can gun the ball too for short yardage plays that can turn into big ones. Hawkins looks like he is going to be a fine replacement for Jerome Simpson.

Sidney Rice-
Rice’s stats and Russell Wilson’s debut were not mind blowing at all. Rice for the first time in a regular season game though looked like he had some of his old self back on display. He made some tough catches for his rookie quarterback. Based on Wilson barely eclipsing over 100 yards, the more comfortable he gets the bigger upside for Rice. Rice is worth a waiver wire scoop now before that big game comes.


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