Waiver Wire Post Week Eight

Another star quarterback is out for the year. Not just an ordinary star. A quarterback many of you wasted a first round pick on. What can you do to scramble your season back together?


Brad Johnson
Off the field goes Culpepper and in comes Johnson. Johnson has had a tough career. From being a backup before to starting for quite some time, including a Pro Bowl Super Bowl year. He fell off with Tampa Bay, and was settling as a Vikings backup. This is his chance to show something once again. The Vikings are buried deep in their division, but it would only take one hot streak to start for that to disappear. If Johnson can be a leader than there is no doubt this team should sneak into the playoffs.

Kurt Warner
Another bad performance by McCown seemingly leaves the door wide open for Warner to step in. Warner is a veteran and fully capable of performing better than McCown. The only downside is the Cardinals have no running game whatsoever.

Kyle Orton
Orton is the type of quarterback that doesn’t make mistakes. He plays within what the Bears tell him to do, and that has allowed his confidence to soar. While Orton may never be a huge fantasy guy, he may become steady enough to start. Just take a look at how Orton plays over the next few weeks. For now though snatch him up as your fantasy backup.

Running Backs

Ricky Williams
Williams finally showed something more than hype to build upon. Both Williams and Brown had great days. Expecting more of that is the only way Miami can get themselves in playoff position. Williams has ran tough and the carries are coming his way.

Travis Henry
He is back and maybe he can use some of his talent on the field. After becoming a Pro Bowl caliber back a few years ago, Henry has came down quicker than a brick tossed from a building. We’ll all see if his mind and devotion to football is still there as the rest of the season goes on.

Derrick Ward
Ward got thirteen carries for the Giants last week against the skins. The Giants run the ball a lot, and of course are centered around Tiki Barber. Brandon Jacobs is the physical goal line back, while Ward is just the change of pace resting back for Tiki.

Wide Receivers

Matt Jones
Jones is getting the looks from Leftwich. For once it looks like there will be more than one receiver on the Jaguars roster. Jones has made the conversion over to receiver better than most expected. He’ll gradually get better. Before we know it he’ll be Leftwich’s main target once Jimmy Smith exits the game.

Brandon Lloyd
We’re sure plenty of owners have let Lloyd go because of the 49ers passing woes. In the first four games of the season (before Rattay was benched), Lloyd was off to a great year. It once again shows that without a solid quarterback a whole team will suffer. Hopefully the 49ers can get something going with their passing game, as their running game and defense has stepped up. If that can happen Lloyd would be a steal of the waiver wire.

Justin Gage
Gage’s value is boosting up every week. As Orton’s confidence grows, more coverage will be put on big play receiver Mushin Muhammed. That leaves Gage open to find holes in the secondary, and an easy target for Orton.


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