Post Week Nine: You've Got To Be Kidding Me

Week nine’s look at you’ve got to be kidding me.


Mike Vick
Wow, Vick crossed the 200 yard mark in passing. Could this be a legitimate step forward for Vick? We doubt it. He’ll do this occasionally, but his erratic style isn’t going to go anywhere. It’s the nature of Vick that makes him who he is. With Brian Finneran and developing youngsters as his go to guys, it’ll take Terrell Owens landing in Atlanta for any numbers to accumulate for Vick.

Brooks Bollinger
The fill in job Bollinger did wowed people. Bollinger has a nice command as a Jets signal caller. Each time he has seen action though, it has been in the second half. Teams will now game plan for him and expose his weaknesses.

Kurt Warner
Forget about Warner’s 300 plus yards. He had three interceptions and failed on numerous occasions to punch the football in the end zone. Neil Rackers is loving all the extra kicks he is getting, as he leads the league in that department. Warner can complain about the running backs and his offensive line all he wants. When a team can’t score after driving the football than there is something wrong with the quarterback.

Running Backs

Kevin Jones
The potential 2,000 yard season John Clayton thought could be a possibility with Jones is not going to even come close. The Lions offense is in a stale state. Every week they seem to not have a true game plan, and that’s hurt Jones entirely. Against the Vikings you have to produce in some sort of matter, and Jones failed to do that.

Priest Holmes
He didn’t play but his return looks to be set for 2006. Holmes has been infected with the Fred Taylor syndrome every year now. From this stage on, Holmes will likely never be the featured back in Kansas City. It was only a matter of time, but now the Chiefs have definite reason to lower the carries of Holmes when he is back next season. The way Johnson finishes the season as a starter will predicate that strategy.

Antowain Smith
The Saints will be looking at a top five pick come April. They’re always in games but lack the focus on both sides of the ball to win in the end. Antowain Smith’s days as a viable starting running back have been long gone. New England tried him and it didn’t work out. The role just isn’t his to fill anymore. So don’t expect another 100 yard game from him.

Cadillac Williams
The Cadillac has been downgraded Buick lately. He seems to not have recovered from his injury, or is just struggling to get acclimated. He gave fantasy owners too much of a great taste early on in the season. That wasn’t expected from the outgo, and now that perception is becoming reality. He’ll be a high octane back from a week to week basis, just not this season.

Wide Receivers

Scotty Vines
He received some garbage yards, but did make a heck of a catch against the Vikings. The bad news for Vines is that the Lions have been horrible in passing, and Charles Rogers is due back from suspension.
Michael Clayton
Sophomore woes have continued for Clayton. It’s been awhile since a player has had a reversal of fortune like Clayton. The season is only halfway done though, so don’t give up on him.

Joe Horn
The horn has been silent. Aaron Brooks hasn’t been leaning his way as much as years past. Other receivers are getting open, and Horn has been just another amongst the crowd of Saints. Horn may still be recovering from his injury and playing at eighty percent. Whatever is the problem, Horn is a top ten receiver still and will get his numbers.


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