Waiver Wire: Housh Value Again?

By Zack Cimini


Though Seattle decided to cut their losses with TJ, their loss is another teams gain. Seattle was worried about their long term investment, and was comfortable enough with their young emerging receivers to part ways. TJ virtually had his choice of where he wanted to land and play for a year. As Seattle still will pay the majority of his salary with the Ravens paying the veterans minimum portion.  With the Ravens gearing up for a big run towards the Super Bowl any additional pieces could play a huge part.

We’d say trading away Mark Clayton for Housh is a distinguishable upgrade.

Baltimore’s bread and butter will continue to be the running game. Ray Rice is an emerging back who stormed on the scene in a feature role last season. Carries will continue to rise for him and the offense will officially be catered towards him. Behind Rice is veteran McGahee whose role will likely be scaled back further but provide the needed power in the fourth quarter.

Too shake up things Baltimore will need Joe Flacco to show more of the efficiency he displayed his rookie season. Their long time number one receiver Derrick Mason has been one of the only Ravens receivers to show up consistently each year. With Mason whispering on retirement last year Baltimore knew they finally need to make some moves at receiver. Bringing in Anquan Boldin was a major move in itself but now with Housh they can toy with defenses. Coordinators will not know which poison is worse, which early on in the year will likely be to leave it on Flacco’s arm.

They’ll load up in the box and create big pass play opportunities for Mason, Boldin, and Housh. It’s hard to say how potent the Ravens offense will be, but it’s safe to say they will be top ten in the league for points scored. Where we love Housh’s value is looking at Boldin and Mason. Mason has aged and will likely move to the slot position saving his legs and keeping him fresh throughout the season. Anquan Boldin is number one in the league at the receiver position for physicality. He goes all out and gives his body more of a beating than opposing defenders. That style of play has caused him to miss several stints of action almost every year.

Baltimore is taking all precautions to ensure the “IF” factor in the NFL. They’ve already reinsured on Donte Stallworth who is out with a broken foot, and has proven to be an unreliable receiver. Drafting or picking up Housh on waivers is a definite solid idea. Even though he disappointed many owners last season it was more of the team than the player. He still had 79 catches for over 900 yards. Basically he is going to continue to be the possession receiver he has always been. In Seattle that didn’t translate to the same numbers because they couldn’t run the football. Obviously, Baltimore is going to be in the top three in the league for rushing, which will give Housh his old red zone opportunities just like in Cincinnati.


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