Undefeated Record Deceiving

Opening up eyes with preseason play is always over evaluated. Just because a team goes undefeated or winless, doesn’t support any structure for season success or non-success. With the Arizona Cardinals, there are more problems than Dennis Green would like to believe. All conclusions of the Cardinals winning the division, aren’t going to come close to happening if things don’t getting straightened out in a hurry.

The foundation of any team begins at the line of scrimmage. Defensively, the Cardinals boast a great attacking defensive line and unit that will likely be a top ten defense. The main problem though is the offensive line, which has numerous problems. All preseason the line has played pathetic. With that horrible play, it hasn’t allowed Kurt Warner to have sufficient time in the pocket, or for JJ Arrington to get any lanes to run through. Warner has started to complain, and deservingly so. If he is on his back weekly, it’ll only be a matter of time before Warner is sidelined.

With a brittle offensive line, it’s only going to cause disastrous problems. The Cardinals line is definitely near the bottom with the likes of the Texans. With poor offensive line play, comes turnovers. Unforced errors with rushed throws, in the backfield disruptions, and the mentality of having a shorter time clock to get rid of the football is all going to boil over to a bad offense.

Week by week Dennis Green says the offensive line is a work in progress. It’s going to take more than progress, and more like a season of whoops I missed my assignment. It’s unfortunate that the offensive line will keep the Cardinals from making the next leap into the playoffs, but it’s a simple forecast to predict.

Nor only will the Cardinals offensive line force the quarterback and running back position to suffer, it’ll also hurt the Cardinals receivers. Game planning for shorter routes is going to be a must, because the time for a big play throw won’t be there. The Cardinals only hope for success is on the other side of the ball. If their defense can be a top five unit, than they may be able to make a push into the playoffs. The defense has progressed nicely, and will need to be a force somewhat like the Ravens.


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