Don't Give Up On Price

Peerless Price’s days ended abruptly with Atlanta, but it wasn’t like anyone couldn’t see it coming. Surely, Price did capitalize strongly by playing with Eric Moulds in Buffalo. Moulds, at the time was a top ten receiver, and the complement of having Price made them both better all around athletes. Atlanta signed Price by hoping to have him as the feature receiver, and he could have been. The problem was the Falcons had numerous other aspects that led to Price’s non use.

First the Falcons didn’t have any other quality receivers, and their best option was and still is Alge Crumpler. If Mike Vick only averages barely over 150 yards throwing per game, how in the heck is Price supposed to have stats? The Falcons chose to build their offense around using Vick’s legs, and Warrick Dunn and TJ Duckett. There is still definite reason to knock Peerless Price. Entirely, he didn’t do his job and the Falcons didn’t either in utilizing him.

There were plenty of grumblings on Price being played out by Michael Jenkins and other Falcon receivers this off season. Certainly, that’s an alarming issue and the Falcons solved it. Now Price is going to have options again, and fittingly it should work in his favor.

Two of the teams already interested in Price are the Seattle Seahawks and Philadelphia Eagles. Automatically if Price were to land in Philadelphia, put an arrow up next to his name. A player like Terrell Owens is going to make Price near or above his potential production level he had in Buffalo. Owens creates the attention, and Price with his speed will be able to burn corners down the sideline. Obviously, that’s the main threat with Price. He isn’t going to go over the middle, he is a deep threat receiver. With the Eagles concerns behind Owens at wide receiver, and wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Eagles lure in Price quickly.

With Philadelphia’s success in recent years. The fact that Price’s market value is down considerably, benefits both sides. The Eagles can get a bargain deal with a player with tremendous upside, and Price gets a chance to earn a demanding contract back.

Seattle’s west coast offense has and will continue to put up monstrous offensive stats. When the Seahawks had Koren Robinson, Darrell Jackson, and Bobby Engram playing together they all had solid years. Matt Hasselbeck loves to share the ball to receivers (even if they continually drop them), and Shaun Alexander creates that much more for the passing game. Price could jump on board, and help solve the void without Koren Robinson, and alleviate the pressure on Jackson.

Price is a system player. He needs to be around the right atmosphere and nucleus to showcase his attributes. Currently, Price is being dropped at rapid speeds in fantasy leagues. Owners that are point clicker happy to hit that drop button, should give it a week or two to see where Price lands. Because in a month or two when Price is being picked up of waivers as a steal, you’re going to be an upset owner.

Price will be a top twenty five receiver if he lands on the Eagles or Seahawks.


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