Weeks ago I wrote an article on capitalizing on the Spurs at future odds of 3-1 and 5-1. Those odds were in the Dallas series. There was only a day that the odds were at 5-1, when they were down 2-1 in the series to the Mavericks.

It’s easy to jump on series odds when it’s down to the final two teams. Action is likely sky rocketing on both the Heat at +105 and Spurs at -125. The fact of the matter is that neither price has great line value right now.

Oddmakers are at your mercy right now. They have the series priced exactly how it should be. The home team Spurs are the odds on slight favorite, but they’re not writing off the possibility of a three peat by the Heat.

The best approach if you did not pick the Heat or Spurs weeks ago, is to wait out two to three games.

This series is projected to go seven games by just about every media outlet. The Spurs want to end a dynasty that’s been around since the late 90’s, and the Heat want to get a coveted three peat.

This will not be a quick series.

As in any type of financial market, the proper time to make money is when the odds become a better buy. If any of these teams gets down one game by losing home court advantage, injuries, or a 2-0 deficit, value is going to shift.

This would be the opportunity to pounce on a future buy.

Hold your reservations on placing your money on the counter. Yes there has been a big gap of NBA rest days from conference championships to the start of the Finals. But action will begin Thursday.

If you’re really looking at getting a solid wager on a future bet in the series, put a play on the series MVP.


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