TO Outdoes Any Celebration

By Zack Cimini

Of all the celebrations and antics Terrell Owens has done in his career, nothing compares to his Super Bowl performance. There is no doubt that he was in serious pain and discomfort, but did he show it? I can?t remember a play on the field where he noticeably limped. If he did he was doing it after the play or on his way to the sideline. He played the majority of the game, and at his weakened state still outdid mouth chattering Freddie Mitchell (1 catch). The Eagles may have lost, but count on them being back with a new look next season. It wouldn?t be shocking to see a repeat matchup.

At first it looked as if Owens was going to be limited on his runs after the catch. The reason why was because New England was pressing up on him, and that led to a couple of short catches. Then Romeo Crennel switched his game plan up and decided to let his corners play on an island by themselves. That meant the corners would have to give room at the line of scrimmage or risk being burnt deep. That?s when Terrell Owens started flourishing by making a ten to fifteen yard catch into a couple of great thirty yarders.

Even when it looked dim on the Eagles, Owens made a phenomenal third down catch towards the sideline. The Eagles may have underused Owens because of his injury, and should have got him the ball even more. McNabb did have over 300 passing yards but a lot of them came on big plays. When those plays weren?t there, mistakes or a grounded running game was going on.

After the Super Bowl was over, you know Terrell Owens was hurting deep inside as were all of the Eagles. Yet, he was able to suck in his pride and talk to the media like it was another game. Even McNabb had the same demeanor, and it reflects the Eagles image perfectly. It?s not like they haven?t fallen short before, but each time it happens they are learning. They know that they could be the talk of dynasty right now, as they?ve been on the footsteps every year the Patriots have. This team will have the same nucleus of players next season, and will be a team that threatens the Dolphins undefeated record deep into the season.

It?s too bad for Terrell Owens that his team lost, because his efforts will be an after thought in years ahead or a rekindling story. What makes this story raise your eyebrows, is that here was a superstar athlete that pushed himself to comeback with his own will. Not even a low-based salary athlete would have done what Terrell Owens did. What we saw on the field Sunday was a finished product of what Terrell Owens worked seven hard weeks for. The real treat though would?ve been to see his workouts and strength conditioning to get himself damn near 100 percent in a mind boggling time frame. As far as I?m concerned there hasn?t been a daring and great outcome like his in a long time. My hats off to Terrell Owens as I?ll never underestimate or knock anything he chooses to do on the field. He has earned every bit of respect that an athlete could or want.


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