Eerie Situation for Bledsoe

Not to downgrade Drew Bledsoe but he has had his fair share of chances in the NFL. His career started off phenomenal but over the last six to eight years it has been in a stand still. He did revitalize and strengthen the Bills to an impressive finish, but where was that earlier in the year? Going into the off-season Bledsoe once again is faced with a quarterback battle.

When the Buffalo Bills drafted JP Losman they fully expected him to get some action during the season. In fact, there were plans to put him in once the Bills finally were out of playoff contention, but that never happened. With Sam Wyche as the Bills quarterbacks coach, you can bet Losman learned a lot from the old timer. The Tulane graduate has a great arm, and speed that should challenge Bledsoe strongly this off-season.

It was just a few years ago that Bledsoe gave way to another second year starter in Tom Brady. Brady just fit Belicheck?s system better, and Bledsoe even realized that. This time around though at Bledsoe?s stage in his career he can?t afford to be a backup. If the Bills want to go the Losman route, they should grant Bledsoe a trade so that he can have one more tenure elsewhere.

There are too many teams in dire need of Bledsoe?s veteran play, and unlike many people think he can turn around a team. He still has the tendency to hold onto the football too long, but when he is playing his game he is one of the top ten quarterbacks in the league. His deep ball is still there, and we all saw that in the second half of the season for the Bills, when rookie receiver Lee Evans started filling up the stat column.

Buffalo can?t let this situation go deep into the off-season, and let it boil over like the days with Rob Johnson and Doug Flutie. There just isn?t enough room for both Bledsoe and Losman, and the Bills organization knows first hand which route they want to go. Just like the whole Travis Henry and Willis McGahee situation, in which it was no secret the Bills had devised to let McGahee takeover.

It just makes perfect sense to insert Losman after a year of learning on the sidelines. If they wait too long the rest of their young athletes like McGahee and Lee Evans will be too far along and not mesh with an inexperienced quarterback. When a team can grow and mature at the same rate, that usually leads to success. It also helps that Eric Moulds is still in the fold, as a capable veteran that a young team needs.

Buffalo?s defense was the key last year in keeping them in games, and they should only improve as they stay intact. By being in the AFC East, they?ll need to get on an early roll to have a shot at competing with New England and the Jets. They have the talent to do it, but the question is will their quarterback be able to guide them? In due time this team will get their chance to circle the wagons again, but in the competitive AFC it may be a few seasons.

As for Drew Bledsoe there wouldn?t be a better possible situation than a reunion with Bill Parcells. Parcells loves veterans, and even though he still wants to have Vinny Testaverde play that?s not going to last long as a 42 year old quarterback. Bledsoe could ignite this team, and pose damage in the weak NFC. The whole reason for the Cowboys slide last year was solely on the shoulders of their quarterback. Julius Jones is a phenomenal back, and the Cowboys also possess two carry over Parcells receivers in Terry Glenn and Keyshawn Johnson. Someone in the Cowboys organization needs to wake up and make this happen, because they?d automatically become a serious threat.


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