TO and Vick

Could it be such a drastic turn of events for Terrell Owens that he is suited up with Atlanta within the next two weeks? Based on Owens passion to get his way and play football, maybe. The NFL players association is already aggressively trying to get Terrell Owens suspension overturned by the Eagles. Philadelphia may not have a choice but to do that, as Owens case isn’t as severe as the Eagles have made it to be.

Just because Owens spoke out and answered questions from ESPN truthfully, doesn’t mean he should be banished by an organization that already despises Owens. If you viewed Owens interview that struck the last nerve of the Eagles, it wasn’t even close to being material to cost an athlete nine games.

Working out something behind closed doors has never worked with Terrell Owens. Because he is animated in front of the camera, Philadelphia wanted to take the control of Owens mouth with their own hands. If Owens were to hang around he would make the Eagles a playoff wild card team. Without him the Eagles are going to be lucky to go 6-10. They just lost a game that would have been a win if they had Terrell Owens, in Sunday’s lost to Washington.

Back to Owens comments that brought down the ultimate punishment from the Eagles. When questioned if Brett Favre would have this team at an undefeated record, all Owens said is that he believed that was a fair assessment. Look at what Brett Favre has done every week without any athletes. Donovan McNabb has been playing hurt every week with countless injuries, and should probably not be playing.

Owens knock on the Eagles organization not to recognize his 100th touchdown catch is also not a horrible thing. What organization has skipped past such a mark for an athlete? Almost any franchise has a planned course of action to stop play for a minute and let an athlete soak in a milestone moment. The Eagles organization did act poorly in that matter. For a receiver to reach that plateau is an unbelievable accomplishment. Deep down Owens was likely hurt and frustrated more than anything.

Then came the locker room fight versus team spokesman Hugh Douglas. Not once did Owens voice of the matter. Locker room fights happen all over the country, but because it involved Owens it somehow leaked out to make Owens look like the bad guy. No one knows how the jarring or exchange between Owens and Douglas went or started. It happened and obviously didn’t effect either.

Owens looked perfectly fine when he tried to apologize in a sincere manner to the entire Philadelphia organization and city. The media is trying to compare this situation to Keyshawn Johnson a few years ago. In no way should that happen. Johnson criticized his coach and believed 100 percent in his statements. He wasn’t given indirect answers from questions trying to trap him. He voiced his opinion 100 percent. When suspended he just went home for the rest of the season and had no intention of trying for a rebuttal with the NFL players association.

Owens wants to play football and should be able to. There will be plenty of teams willing to go after Owens because they would have the advantage. Owens wants to play and any team could bait Owens into a deal that doesn’t go into affect unless he lives up to certain standards for the rest of the season.

You can bet Drew Rosenhaus will believe in his athlete being able to reach a certain goal, and get him a great deal. Another area that Rosenhaus and Owens agree on is being placed on a winning team. That’d make Atlanta a top prospective situation. Owens already showed over the summer that he wouldn’t mind playing in Atlanta by running drills with some of the Falcons receivers.

Rosenhaus is the ultimate negotiator, and Owens may have the most drive of any athlete in the NFL. The story with Owens isn’t over, and he may get his Super Bowl wish after all this season.


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