Post Week Ten: You've Got To Be Kidding Me

Who said to give up on the Pack? Knowing Favre’s resiliency we all should have known better. At 2-7 the Packers are as just alive as the Vikings, Bears, and Lions. What other results or players over the weekend had you saying, you’ve got to be kidding me?


Jake Delhomme
John Fox has to be happy about one thing with Delhomme. The Panthers are winning. The formula hasn’t been due to Delhomme’s arm, and expecting a turn around season from him could make this team even better. Besides Delhomme’s consistency to hit Steve Smith, he has really struggled. Keary Colbert caught a touchdown against the Jets on Sunday, and will need to emerge even more for Delhomme.

Chris Simms
Simms was the slinger no one expected him to be on Sunday. He led the team to a fabulous comeback win, and celebrated like he was starting for the first time. The Redskins defense has been giving up big plays this season, but Simms exposed that to another level Sunday. He’ll need to carry over some of that confidence to keep the Buccaneers offense functioning.

Tommy Maddox
He has probably had the toughest stretch of a little over a year. Date it back to last year when he lost his job to rookie Ben Roethlisberger. Now when called upon he played so horrible that Bill Cowher designated Charlie Batch as the backup. For some reason Maddox can’t stay away from the picture, and even as the third stringer was called upon last week when Batch went down. Maddox is in a funk that even an NBA shooter wouldn’t be able to get out of. With the Steelers winning comfortably last weekend, they still ran their offense accordingly to try to get Maddox involved. It still didn’t work, and Bill Cowher is hoping that Roethlisberger will be able to go.

Kyle Boller
Brian Billick just admit you made a mistake in drafting Boller as your quarterback. The project will never make it to a satisfactory rating, and you just have to let it go. Boller has been a bust and will be a bust as long as he is in a Ravens uniform.

Running Backs

Ricky Williams
Besides a brief two game stretch where he looked decent, Williams has been getting licked. Asanti Samuel blew him up at the line of scrimmage last week, and his smaller size is proving to be too small. Williams needs to add ten to twelve pounds back so that he can take on the hits in between the tackles. No matter how fast he thinks he is, Williams made himself a runner by being a physical back before.

Marshall Faulk
The role Faulk was supposed to be given was backup. Not back up to the sideline for the entire season. Even Steven Jackson’s role was noticeable last year as Faulk’s backup. The Rams just aren’t using the veteran Faulk at all, and it makes you scratch your head. The only time he is even remotely seen is catching the ball, and that’s not acceptable for the Rams. They need to use his skills as much as possible.

Carnell Williams
Egh, the season that started so marvelous has turned into mush. Williams is no longer even close to the break away season he was off too. In fact in his last four games played he hasn’t had enough rushing yards combined to cross the century mark. If that trend continues, the Buccaneers can kiss their playoff chances goodbye.

Wide Receivers

Chris Chambers
Showing the talent as a great receiver is what Chambers career has been thus far. He’ll make the unreal highlight catches and burn cornerbacks for touchdowns. But then there is always the type of game that Chambers had on Sunday. Repeated dropped passes that hurt Miami big time. That’s the difference between a receiver with potential and one that’s there.

Isaac Bruce
The Rams are bringing him back slowly, but fantasy owners don’t care about that. His injury this season has hurt the Rams options at second receiver. Kevin Curtis has done well on given weeks, but isn’t the same threat as what Isaac Bruce can be.

Brandon Lloyd
Yes you deserved being blown up on by a coach on national tv. He didn’t sacrifice his body in a drive that could have helped the 49ers immensely if they scored a touchdown. Shame on Lloyd, as this has been a solid season for him.


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