Time to Move Henne


By Zack Cimini


It’s a pattern that’s become too familiar in the NFL. Teams think they have their quarterback of the future, and drag on with that player for a year or two too long. Some guys just do not have starting quarterback ability. Whatever the showcase is in practice, it doesn’t translate on the field. Yet coaches risk their futures by giving in to continuing to throw out the same quarterback. Lessons expected to be growing pains learned on the field, turn into habitual mistakes.

Miami seems to be in that tough spot. If Miami did try to pursue a veteran quarterback, they failed miserably. Many thought they would at least make a strong effort to pursue Kyle Orton. Striking a glance at the Dolphins quarterback situation present, is a laughable joke. There is no true competition for Henne, a quarterback that needs it. Matt Moore was recently brought in, and was horrendous in spot duties last season for the Carolina Panthers.

You have to feel bad for Dolphins teammates, because the season is shaping up to be dreadful. The mistake prone issues that ended last year, were hoping to be reduced as a bright spot for Henne. Instead he opened up the preseason with two woeful interceptions. An outing that poured out the boos from the Dolphins home crowd. This is a franchise that not too many years ago went 1-15.

They’re trying to build a season around a running back that has failed to be anything but a decoy, and occasional flash player in Reggie Bush. At receiver they are dealing with a receiver that when the good is going well is one of the best in the league. Losing takes his skills down to Randy Moss-Oakland levels, in Brandon Marshall. And we’re sorry, the short crossing patterns of Davone Bess and Brian Hartline aren’t going to get it done.

It’s amazing to see that the Dolphins were not more active in pursuing better talent offensively in a vast amount of positions. At this point it looks as if this team wants to land Andrew Luck and build from there. It could be a huge payoff, but it’s a tough sacrifice for the fans and players this season.

Time and time again last year, Miami could not win at home. It got so bad that even a fourth quarter ten point lead in the fourth quarter, vanished vs. the Shaun Hill led Detroit Lions. Detroit came from behind with seventeen points in the last five minutes. Two crucial horrid throws by Chad Henne were intercepted, including a pick six. That summed up a year in which Miami was in most games and near .500. But a 2-6 home record is what will carry over into 2011, and the road success won’t.

Miami’s front office and coaching staff has seen enough to know that Henne isn’t the real deal. It’s going to be sad to see this team be in the same boat the Arizona Cardinals were a year ago. Tossing in a different quarterback each week, with a roster of quarterbacks that’s Madden rating would get them instantly hurt in on the field action.


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