The dog days of February have bit several teams on the offensive end of the floor. Teams with a non-powerful offense often sputter in the months of February for several reasons. Lack of rest, injuries, and most teams have the tougher part of their schedules to face. Often times this portion of the schedule of rust will leave many minds to believe that a team should be wrote off. But like Syracuse did last year and UConn a few years back it often boosts a teams preparation for March Madness.

Ohio State’s one of those teams that could make a run in March but it won’t be pretty. The same recipe of their regular season wins will likely occur in March if they are too succeed. They do it with tough hard nosed defense and have a group of upperclassmen with final four experience from two seasons ago.

While many people would frown on the first half deficits they’ve faced in their past few games against Minnesota and Illinois, for a team to overcome those deficits with dominating second halves speaks to the mental fortitude of the team.

Turning the corner from those type of performances has to happen sooner or later for this team to get the type of confidence one needs to have to make a tournament run.

Look for Ohio State to battle through their offensive issues and get a solid cover on the road in Penn State tonight.


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