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Friday, 15 August, 2014


Don’t be that fantasy owner that loves to think if they don’t draft Jimmy Graham or Julius Thomas that they don’t have to worry about getting a tight end. The days of having a couple of makeshift tight ends and still surviving are over. If you don’t get a quality tight end you may lose a valuable double digit in points every week.

Try to get one in the top five to seven if you’re going to wait. Don’t be one of the other five to six owners stuck with a project or inconsistency.

1. Jimmy Graham
The man got paid and unlike other super stars that get the big checks, Graham’s productivity shouldn’t wane. There are concerns with Drew Brees’s oblique injury but I wouldn’t expect that to hamper Graham. If anything it would affect Brees’s deep ball.

2. Jordan Cameron
Cameron was the mystery guy last preseason that carried it over to the regular season. There won’t be Brandon Weeden to contract everyone’s talent on the field and likely no Josh Gordon either. Draftees of Cameron should be confident in the upgrade of Manziel and Hoyer.

3. Vernon Davis
Any type of escalated improvement mechanically with Colin Kaepernick and the passing game will mean a monster year for Davis. He was the main threat a year ago and teams still couldn’t stop him. Kaepernick’s reads were limited to protect the football but I expect to see a leap in the way the 49ers unleash Kaepernick.

4. Julius Thomas
Thomas was the hidden gem coveted by Peyton Manning career followers. I do expect Manning’s numbers to dip a bit in 2014 as the Broncos do a better job of preserving Manning for the playoffs.

5. Rob Gronkowski
When will the Gronk actually be healthy and return to the field. His latest setbacks have hindered him to possibly missing the majority of the preseason. At this time even ranking Gronk as a top five tight end is risky. But all plans in New England are to bring him back when he is 100 percent. If that 100 percent is late September and he finishes a full 12 to 13 games, his value still super seeds the rest of the NFL tight ends.

6. Kyle Rudolph
7. Zach Ertz
8. Jason Witten
9. Greg Olsen
10.Martellus Bennett
11.Charles Clay
12.Tyler Eifert
13.Heath Miller
14.Garrett Graham
15.Dennis Pitta
16.Antonio Gates
17.Dwayne Allen
18.LaDarius Green
19.Coby Fleener
20.Eric Ebron